Aircraft Registration Application

Plane Reregistration For Every Time Your Registration Expires

Registering your airplane is always the first place when making sure you can fly your new acquisition. After all, it always needs to be active in order for you to operate the aircraft. This is why should you let the registration expire for whatever reason, you will need to go through a plane reregistration process if you want to continue flying.

The Aircraft Registration Expired

Your aircraft registration always needs to be valid if you wish to fly it. Everyone knows this. Of course, this means that you need to make sure it doesn’t expire at any point. If it’s close to expiring, you will have to renew it. However, if you let it expire, then you won’t be able to renew it. Instead, you will end up having to go through the plane reregistration process, which isn’t that hard, but it will be slightly more extensive than the usual renewal process. If you would like to avoid having to go through this process (and save some money while you’re at it), then make sure you renew the registration before it actually expires.

The Plane was Grounded for a While

Now, the expiration of the plane registration doesn’t always have to be an accident. In fact, it can often be on purpose if for, whatever reason, you are deciding to ground the airplane for some time. Your registration might be expiring before a time period in which you know you won’t be flying anywhere, or maybe it needs to go through extensive repairs that will leave you unable to use the aircraft for some time. Regardless of the specific reasons behind why you are choosing to ground the plane, once you decide to use your plane again, then you will need to go through the plane reregistration process. Your registration is still in the Federal Aviation Administration database, it simply needs to be reactivated after a dormancy period.

The Airplane was Temporarily Registered Abroad

Say that you had to allocate yourself to a different country for a few years and you had to take your airplane with you. This will entail that you register the aircraft abroad in order to be able to freely use it over there. In order to do this, you will need to delete the American registration, of course, since it can’t be registered in two different countries at the same time. Now, what will that mean for you when you come to the United States and need to register your plane here again? Well, easy. All you need to do is fill out and submit the plane reregistration form to the Federal Aviation Administration. Just make sure that it is no longer registered abroad.

Plane Reregistration

Your aircraft registration is a very important document to keep in mind at all times in order to make sure that you are flying in order. Whether you need to renew your registration or go through the plane reregistration process, filing aircraft registration through our website is easier than ever. And, should you need any help filling out or submitting the forms, you can just give us a call at 1-800-357-0893 or email us at You can always rely on our team here at the National Aviation Center to help you take care of your civil aircraft register forms.