Private Aircraft

Preparing to Fly Internationally on a Private Aircraft

Exploring a new country is on most people’s bucket list. It’s easy to obtain a plane ticket and fly on a commercial flight, but when it comes to private flights the process may become a little more complicated. Some of the many things you should remember about flying internationally on a private aircraft are the customs regulations and the fees required. For example, always remember your passport, and be prepared to pay off any charges that may come with flying privately. An aircraft operator or broker can help with this process, but it’s important to always have this knowledge for yourself just in case.


Hypothetically speaking, if you were flying back to the United States from the Bahamas or Mexico, flights will always be stopped at the first “point of entry” to clear customs. Not every airport is considered a point of entry, so taking a different route to get home may be necessary to make sure you stop in the right place. A customs check shouldn’t take long, as it is a private plane and there aren’t any lines to stand in. It’s an easy process and nothing to worry about as long as your personal belongings and your aircraft is clear of items or substances not allowed in the United States.

Charter Fees and Other Charges

The next parts you have to remember for flying on a private aircraft are the charter fees and other charges. Keep in mind, when traveling on your own plane you have to pay landing fees, ramp fees, fuel, crew, and taxes, along with other charges. A private flight could cost you as much as $9,000 to $12,000. The longer and more extravagant your flight, the more it may cost you.

Is Your Aircraft Documented?

Keeping your aircraft properly documented should come at great importance to you. Being able to track the history of your plane, and the past costs, could help if any future issues may arise. Through correct registration you can track who has owned your aircraft and where it has traveled to.

Using Our Third Party Service

If you have a private aircraft that needs to be documented, contact us at our website or call 1-800-357-0893 and we can help. Our third party registration service helps to save you time and hassle when documenting your aircraft. With our services you can avoid wasting time and enjoy owning and flying your plane without the stress of paperwork.