aircraft registration list

Examining the Aircraft Registration List

If you have an interest in possibly purchasing a plane for your personal enjoyment, or to use as part of your business, you naturally are going to look closely at any aircraft, so you know that it is a sound investment for you. Buying an airplane is a significant purchase for you, perhaps the largest one you may make in your lifetime, so you need to be sure that what you buy is just what you are looking for. Getting some background information regarding anything about the aircraft can help give you insight into the plane and if it is what you want most, but you need to know where you can look for this information. Taking the time to examine the aircraft registration list can help you find out more about the plane so you can make the right call.

Who Keeps the Aircraft Registration List?

You may not have been aware that such a registration list exists. Under federal law, all aircraft in the United States must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA. Registration allows the FAA to know what planes are active, who owns them, and it helps them manage air traffic each day. Owners of planes are required to register when they take ownership so that records can either be created or updated. The FAA maintains this database, and it is updated daily, so records are always current for viewing.

aircraft registration list

Accessing the Aircraft List

Finding the best way to access the aircraft registration list is what you will need to do. You will need some information about the plane you want to find out more about, and having the N-number, which is considered the registration number of a plane, will allow you to find out what you want to know. The list can be accessed on many websites across the Internet, so all you will need to do is type into your favorite search engine box the registration list, and you will get sites you can go to so you can perform your search. You will be asked for the N-number, and after you type it in and hit enter, you will get the latest information about your plane, including registration status, owner information, manufacturing information, and more.

Registration for Your Plane

Once you have looked at the list and decided that the plane you saw is just right for you, you can move ahead with your purchase. Once you take ownership, you will need to register the aircraft in your name, and here at the National Aviation Center we have the easiest way to file your registration with the FAA. Our secure portal allows you to file your registration electronically with us without a hassle. Once you send it to us, our staff looks it over for accuracy before we send it to the FAA for you. With our assistance, you can get your registration completed faster, making you a part of the new registration list and letting you get up in your airplane legally.