FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal

How Does the FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal Work?

Every existing plane in the US must have its documentation in rule for operating legally. Maintenance over paperwork it’s important, since filling the right forms in time will avoid any trouble with the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal must be done promptly since it expires three years from the expiration date of the…

FAA aircraft registration renewal

FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal: Can You Do It Online?

The authority to fly an aircraft within the USA is to have a valid certificate. For new registrations, an initial registration form is filled while for already existing certificates, a renewal form is filled. Expired certificates are not valid and can only be used after re-registration. Aircraft owners can fill the forms manually and send…

aircraft transfer of ownership forms

An Alternative to The Usual Aircraft Transfer of Ownership Forms

More people are buying aircraft in the US due to fast economic recovery but the newest owners are unaware of processes to follow during initial registration, re-registration, renewal, and transfer of ownership. Any legally owned aircraft that has not been registered anywhere else globally is eligible to be registered in the US. Most owners get…