aircraft transfer of ownership

Understanding Aircraft Transfer Of Ownership Rules

Whether you are buying or selling an aircraft, there is one piece of documentation that everyone involved in the transaction must submit. This is the aircraft transfer of ownership form which informs the Federal Aviation Administration about the change in the current owner of the aircraft. This document needs to be submitted as soon as…

airplane renewal

What You Need For Airplane Renewal Of Documents

As the owner of an airplane, it is likely that you are extremely busy, and as with most busy people sometimes it is easy to overlook things such as documentation and paperwork. Even if you think that you are completely on top of everything, sometimes you can leave important things such as airplane renewal to…

airplane registration list

Putting Your Name on the Airplane Registration List & Staying There

The name of our company is the “National Aviation Center,” in part because we wanted to make it a center for all of your aircraft documentation needs. So, to that end, we didn’t call it the “National Aviation Initial Registration Center,” or the “National Center for Re-Registration of Your Aircraft Registration” or something like that.…