Form AC 8050-1

Form AC 8050-1: Who Needs It, Why, and Where to Find It

For some, aviation is a lifelong dream. Perhaps as a child, you stared up at the planes in the sky and envisioned yourself in the cockpit. If you are in a position to turn your dreams into reality by purchasing your very own aircraft, you are in an elite company. Being able to take off on a whim and explore the skies is a unique privilege, and in order to do so in accordance with the law, there are some paperwork matters that you will need to address. Namely, you will want to complete a Form AC 8050-1 as soon as possible with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA plays an important role in protecting the skies of the United States. As an agency, it has been around–in one form or another–for nearly 100 years. Tasked with monitoring and protecting our skies, the FAA relies on an accurate registry of American aircraft when designing new regulations and maintaining the vigilance of our airspace. Completing your FAA aircraft registration is compulsory as an aircraft owner, and we can show you how to do it quickly online.

What is a Form AC 8050-1? 

To get started, it is helpful to understand what an AC 8050-1 form is. This document is used to register your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration. In order to complete it, you will want to have a handful of details at the ready about yourself and your aircraft. You will need your name and mailing address, as well as the make and manufacturer of your aircraft. Additionally, you will also want to provide your plane’s serial number.

Your AC 8050-1 will also provide you with your plane’s N-number. Sometimes called a “tail number”, this string of digits will be affixed prominently on the exterior of your aircraft. Your N-number is a helpful and effective way of identifying your aircraft. For their part, the FAA does allow you a degree of customization with your tail number, so if there is a date or set of initials that are important to you, you may request them for your plane (provided they meet the FAA’s N-number requirements).

Once issued, your registration will be valid for a period of three years. You will be responsible for completing a renewal ahead of your registration’s expiration date. The FAA will mail you a notice 6 months before your expiration date, so it is important that you have an accurate mailing address on file. In this notice will be a security code that you must use when processing your renewal.

Form AC 8050-1

Where to Process Your Registration Online

While you can source this document from the FAA, print it, fill it out, and mail it to their offices in Oklahoma City, there is also a simpler way. At the National Aviation Center, we are a private service that specializes in helping aircraft owners obtain their FAA documentation online. Take a minute to explore our site, or contact us by email or phone with any questions you may have.