Where to Get an AC8050-1 Online

So, the time has finally come: you are ready to purchase your own aircraft. No doubt, this is the likely culmination of a dream you have held for many years. Additionally, this occasion is also the product of hard work. It is not easy to become a certified pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)–you had to complete many hours of coursework and guided instruction in the cockpit before taking–and passing–your exam. On top of that, considering the exorbitant prices commanded by even previously owned, small aircraft, you have probably had to save or budget for months or even years to get to this point. Still, after all of your work and sacrifice, you have done the research and determined which aircraft is right for you. You have located a seller and negotiated a fair price, inching you closer and closer to your new airplane’s maiden voyage. Before you are officially cleared for take-off, though, you will need to submit a Form AC8050-1 – Aircraft Registration Application to the FAA.

As a pilot, you understand the importance of safety measures, both in the sky and on the ground. You would never take off without thoroughly inspecting your aircraft both inside and out and creating a solid flight plan. Well, just as importantly, you should not leave the runway without making sure that your FAA paperwork is in good shape. The FAA is the primary aviation agency in the United States, and they issue pilot license certifications, manages air traffic control, and keep an accurate record of all planes operating in our airspace. During your time as an aviator, you will likely find yourself working with the FAA with a high degree of frequency. The beginning of this relationship, as an aircraft owner, is typically marked by applying for aircraft registration. The good news is, by working with a private service such as ours, you can complete this process online with just a few clicks.

Getting to Know the AC8050-1 Form

Registering an aircraft is a fundamental element of responsible plane ownership. Simply put, you cannot take off without a registration. This document will also assist in assigning your plane its N-number, which serves to identify your aircraft. In order to process your registration application with the FAA, you will want to have some basic information at the ready. To start, you will want to fill in your name and address. Next, you will need to provide the serial number, make, and model of your aircraft. Once completed, you can process your application to the FAA. Aircraft registrations are valid for a period of three years, and the FAA will send you reminder notices for renewal six months and two months out from your registration’s expiration date.


Do Your Paperwork Online!

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