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When is it Time for an FAA Renewal Application?

Do you consider aviation to be your primary passion or pastime? Do you spend your workday dreaming about the next time you can get back up in the air, tooling around amongst the clouds? If so, chances have you completed the steps necessary to obtain your pilot’s license long ago. In fact, the odds are pretty decent that you even own your own airplane, allowing you to take off whenever you see fit. If you are an aircraft owner, you know that a plane is both a sizable investment and a major responsibility. You may have had to budget for months and perform hours of research before purchasing the plane that was right for you. Additionally, you completed the initial paperwork necessary to register your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). While that was just the beginning of your journey with FAA paperwork, it was by no means the end, and staying current with your registration is pivotal to keeping your plane in good standing with the FAA. For this reason, you will periodically need to complete the FAA renewal process.

If you think about it, it is not difficult to understand why the FAA would prefer to maintain thorough and accurate records of the planes operating in United States airspace. After all, this agency has a major responsibility to keep both passengers and pilots alike safe in friendly skies. Existing for some 70-odd years now, the FAA is the government’s main aviation transportation agency, and they are in charge of issuing licenses, managing air traffic control, and keeping a detailed registry of all aircraft owned in the United States. As the FAA understands that things can change in an aircraft owner’s life–people move to a new address, planes change ownership, etc.–they will ask for a renewal application from time to time. Fortunately, by working with us at the National Aviation Center, you can navigate this process online with just a few clicks.

How to Fill Out an FAA Renewal Application

When you first bought your plane, you filled out Form AC 8050-1 – Aircraft Registration Application. This document, along with valid proof of ownership, was then submitted to the FAA’s office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for processing. After your registration was issued, you were then given an N-number and a clearance to take to the skies. About two and a half years later, though, you may have noticed a letter arriving from the FAA reminding you to renew your registration.

An FAA aircraft registration is valid for a period of three years, at which point it is up to the owner to process a renewal application. That letter that is sent six months before your expiration date will also include a security code that you will want to put in your renewal document. The FAA will send you another notice eight weeks out if you have yet to submit your renewal request.

faa renewal

Renew Your Registration Online!

We have easy-to-fill forms that allow you to process your renewal online via our SSL-encrypted web portal. To learn more about how we can help with your FAA paperwork, contact us or one of our customer service reps by phone or email today.