FAA renewal

What’s an FAA Renewal Method that Won’t Ground You?

Aircraft registration isn’t something that “might be nice to have,” nor is it an accessory. To be able to fly legally, you need this registration. Like so many other forms of aircraft registration, you can find it easily at our website. Once you have that registration, it’s easy to go off with your airplane, having a great time and flying wherever you want. Of course, after three years go by, it’s time to renew your registration. This may seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We aim at making FAA renewal easy.

FAA Renewal Online

You can renew your registration in the same way that you got your registration in the first place: at our website. Even if you didn’t get your registration at our site, you’ll still be able to renew it that way. We’ve had so many customers over the years that got their initial registration in some other fashion (often writing it out by hand) that then learned about our site and never went back to their old ways. The threat of not being able to fly legally is a real one, and by using our site you can make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

After the Courtesy Notice

The FAA doesn’t want your aircraft registration to expire. This is why they send you a courtesy notice six months before it expires to let you know that it’s time to renew your registration. As it’s been almost three years at this point, many aircraft owners appreciate the kind reminder. However, if at some point you changed addresses but did not change the address at which the FAA could reach you, you may not get this reminder. If you’re ever worried that it’s been almost three years and you haven’t gotten such a notification, it’s a good idea to go back and check.

FAA renewal

Not Renewing Too Early

That six-month window is important. If you try to renew before that, the FAA literally won’t let you. Your renewal will be sent back to you for you to submit it again at a later time. Planning ahead is almost always a good thing in any of life’s endeavors, but you don’t want to send this in too early. Of course, since our website makes this online renewal quite simple, you can just type up the renewal forms on our site at any time during that six-month window.

Renewal, not Re-Registration

This blog post is intended for those who are renewing their aircraft registration, not those whose registration has expired. That’s something else entirely. If your registration has expired, then you can’t renew it. If you waited more than the six months and it’s been more than three years, then you have to go through the entire registration process again. You still want to do this quickly, as you want to hang onto the N-Number as well.

All Aviation Documentation

Whether you’re renewing, re-registering, or anything else, you can find it at our site. All of the different kinds of aviation forms that you might need is easily available at our site. If you have any questions, just call (800) 357-0893.