FAA Aircraft Registration

What Forms Do I Need to Register My Aircraft?

Summer is already here and it’s the perfect time to fly around, with a clear sky and tempting weather at each destination. The thing is before that dream presents itself, it is time to properly clean the aircraft, take care of the maintenance issues, and fill up the fuel and the oil… Apart from that, there is a certain amount of paperwork that needs to be addressed before. The Federal Aviation Administration is the association that takes care of the documentation, so there will be some forms you need to complete to register your plane and get your proper FAA aircraft registration.

The Federal Aviation Administration

Let’s face it: sometimes it is not simple to find time in our busy schedules to complete bureaucratic matters through post offices. Having enough tasks to complete in our day-to-day businesses, we normally choose to finish the paperwork online. And that is when the National Aviation Center comes into place: our platform makes it easier for people to get the proper documentation online. We then send it to the Federal Aviation Administration, but who are they exactly?

The FAA is tasked with maintaining the U.S. skies safe for pilots, passengers, and everyone on the ground. They do so by maintaining a certain standard. When issuing pilot’s licenses, for instance, they ensure that a certain level of strict competency is met before allowing the permit to fly a plane. Furthermore, rules and regulations are designed with the objective of managing air traffic and limiting accidents. For that purpose, it is vital to maintain an accurate registry of all the planes in American skies.

What Is the FAA Aircraft Registration?

The FAA Aircraft Registration form is called form AC 8050-1 and it is the document that enters you into the registry. Even though it is compulsory for you to present this form, this will help you not only in assisting the Federal Aviation Administration to protect the skies but also to consult them about local laws or events that are pertinent to your geography.

The registration you completed will come with your tail number. This allows the FAA to distinctively distinguish between each plane in the skies. If you follow some parameters, you can customize this set of numbers by communicating with the FAA front offices, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

FAA Aircraft Registration

Get your Registration Today With the Help of the National Aviation Center!

Once the plane has been properly registered with the FAA aircraft registration form, you will need to stay on top of that, by submitting a renewal form every three years. The Federal Aviation Administration will send you reminders, six and two months before the expiration date. That notice will have a security code you will then need to submit your renewal. This is for safety reasons and our advice is to write it down somewhere other than just keeping it in your email.

If you need help with the processing of your renewal, your initial registration, or any other aircraft documentation, the National Aviation Center can help you. We are a private service agency that offers a simple platform, both accessible for computers and cell phones, that will help you in completing your renewal or any other paperwork in just a few minutes. Furthermore, rest assured your information is in safe hands, as you will only be leaving your details on our SSL-encrypted web portal. Contact us today for any other questions you may have!