international aircraft registration

Understanding International Aircraft Registration

Whether you are looking to take care of registration of an airplane that you own personally, or you are registering for the company you own, operate, or work for, the registration process itself can be complicated at times. Just dealing with the FAA and the paperwork they require can seem tedious at times, but if you throw in the notion that you will be using your aircraft for international travel and business, you may find things can get even more complicated. There are new sets of paperwork involved for these circumstances and understanding what you need to do moving forward with international aircraft registration matters a great deal.

Registering for International Trips

There may be occasions where you have a private charter plane for your business or personal use, and you want to take the plane to another country. Whether you are going to Europe, South America, Asia, or another location, you will need to file paperwork with the FAA about your intentions for international operations so that your plane can be cleared. You also want to consider if there are bilateral agreements between the United States and the country you are visiting regarding the certification of your plane so that you will not have any issues taking your aircraft to a different location. Different countries have various regulations, and not all have agreements with the U.S., so it is essential that you check the lists provided by the FAA for current informationKnowing the Rules for Registration

There are rules that govern international aircraft registration that you should be aware of before you decide to register your plane offshore. Your aircraft cannot be concurrently registered in another country so that you cannot have active registrations in the United States and somewhere else. You also must be a U.S. Citizen to register a plane in the United States, though there are provisions on the registration application for a non-citizen corporation to apply for registration of an aircraft. Additional information may need to be provided and inspected before registration would be approved by the FAA.

Assistance with Registration

While international aircraft and registration have its own set of rules and regulations, registering your aircraft in the United States does not have to be a confusing and frustrating effort for you. With our assistance here at the National Aviation Center, you can complete registration forms with ease. We provide electronic versions of FAA forms and applications so that instead physically mailing documents to the FAA you can send everything electronically to us. We have experts examine your submissions to check for errors or omissions that could cause delays for you. Once everything is in good order, we transmit your submissions to the FAA on your behalf for approval. Our system is safe, secure, and easy to use so that you can spend more time in your plane flying, relaxing and enjoying what you have instead of worrying about how and when the plane is going to get registered.