Airworthiness Certificate

Airworthiness Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

As the disposable income of Americans has increased, so has their spending on leisure and luxury commodities. One such asset which has become extremely popular amongst Americans is owning an aircraft. According to a survey, there are around 13,329 airplanes In North America alone. Looking at the enthusiasm amongst Americans towards owning and flying an aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has devised many rules including the Airworthiness Certificate

Owning an aircraft is a big investment, and like most fixed assets, it is not a one-time investment. It requires frequent maintenance, frequent renewal of various licenses and other documents, regular payment of parking space, etc. None of these expenditures are cheap. Hence, any individual who is an enthusiast when it comes to aircraft should be well-versed with all the legal compliances which need to be complied with. 

The National Aviation Center has been established to ease the process of owning an aircraft. It acts as a one-stop solution for essential documentation. It also provides all the information which every aircraft enthusiast must-have. 

An essential document that aircraft owners require is an Airworthiness Certificate. Learn below to know more about the certificate and how to procure it. The airline industry is massive, and the government works closely to bring improvements and make it easier for individuals to enter this space. 

Airworthiness Certificate

What is an Airworthiness Certificate? 

It’s a certificate which the FAA issues to authorize the operation of an aircraft in flight. In other words, it is an essential document without which an aircraft cannot operate. 

What are The Different Types of Certificates? 

Any individual who is a registered owner or the owner’s agent may apply for this certificate. There are two classifications of an airworthiness certificate, namely- Standard and Special Standard It refers to such a document that allows for the operation of type certificated aircraft in the below-mentioned categories: 

  • Normal 
  • Utility 
  • Acrobatic 
  • Commuter 
  • Transport 
  • Manned free balloons 
  • Special Classes

This Certificate Remains Valid Until:

  1. The aircraft meets all the approved type design
  2. The aircraft is a condition for safe operation and maintenance 
  3. All the required alterations have been duly performed

On the other hand, the Special certificate grants the authorization to an aircraft to operate in the US airspace in one or more of the below-mentioned categories: 

  1. Primary (Aircraft which are flown for pleasure and personal use)
  2. Restricted (Include aircraft for the agricultural, forest, and wildlife conservation, aerial surveying, patrolling, weather control, aerial advertising, and other purposes as specified by the administrator) 
  3. Multiple (Aircraft having multiple airworthiness certificates)
  4. Limited (Aircrafts having a limited category type certificate)
  5. Light-Sport Category (Excludes- gyroplane, kit-built, transitioning ultralight like-vehicle)
  6. Experimental (For example- Research and development and crew training) 
  7. Special Flight Permit 
  8. Provisional 

How Can You Procure an Airworthiness Certificate? 

Procuring an airworthiness certificate may be a lengthy and time-consuming process for many. To help you with this process, National Aviation Center steps in to simplify the entire process. One can find a link to the form required for procuring the certificate on our website. In addition, you can provide your details and shipping address.

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