Change of Ownership Form

Two Things You Need in Order to File an Aircraft Change of Ownership Form

Selling your aircraft to a new owner? Then you’ll have to submit the change of ownership form to the Federal Aviation Administration. Here’s how you can take care of this process easily.

Change of Ownership Form

If you’re going to sell your aircraft to a new owner, it’s very important to remember that the aircraft documentation needs to be transferred to them as well. You can take care of this process by way of the change of ownership form, which is an administrative process by which the documentation is officially passed on from seller to buyer in the eyes of the Federal Aviation Administration. If you’re not sure about how to take care of this paperwork, don’t worry. Our team is here to help you along with this.

Bill of Sale

In order to carry out the overall process of transfer of ownership, the first thing that you’ll need will be proof of ownership over the aircraft. Now, this will most likely be provided by the seller or manufacturer of the aircraft in the first place. Federal Aviation Administration requirements ask that, as part of the purchase process, you receive a bill of sale that shows the transaction took place at all. The registration of the aircraft going forward will serve as proof of ownership in and of itself, which is why it’s so important to provide the bill of sale from the start. Once you’ve made sure that you have the bill at hand, you will be ready to begin the transfer process.

Form Data

Once you have taken care of the bill of sale, it will be time to file the change of ownership form. Now, this doesn’t have to be one more of those obnoxiously tedious instances of bureaucratic paperwork, at least not with the help from our team. Here at the National Aviation Center, we have the perfect platform for you to find the relevant forms and apply for the transfer of ownership for your aircraft. This way, you won’t just be able to find the corresponding form, but also fill it out and submit it to the Federal Aviation Administration without much issue. Our team is ready to make the transfer application process much easier for you, so let us know if you need any help at some point.

File the Form to the FAA

Not a lot of stuff is more tedious than administrative paperwork, and as exciting as owning an aircraft is, the required documentation is no exception. Because of this, we at the National Aviation Center are well aware of this fact, which is why we’ve made sure to make it all easier for you. Here on our website you’ll be able to find everything you need when it comes to filing your paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration, be it for initial registration, renewal, or reinstatement. And, regardless of what it is you need help with, be sure to reach out to our team with your doubts and questions and we’ll make sure to answer them.