register your plane with the faa using form

Register Your Plane With The FAA Using Form 8050-1

You are the proud owner of a new aircraft and want to know where to document the plane so that it is fully protected and registered in the US. Although a growing number of pilots have decided to register elsewhere because the form is too complicated, for most plane owners, it still makes sense to register the plane in the US. There are several reasons why using the FAA form 8050-1 to notify the Aviation Authority of your ownership is the best way to protect the plane and keep yourself as well as your passengers safe in America and in international skies.

Register To Fly

Just as you wouldn’t be able to legally drive a car without a license and registration, so you won’t be able to fly your plane until it is FAA documented. There are some pilots who are flying around without registering, but more than likely they will be in trouble with the FAA in the end. After all, if you don’t register your plane with the Authority, it is not considered to be airworthy, and shouldn’t be allowed to fly at all. Even if you plan on flying out of the country and keeping it in a foreign airport, that initial flight still means that it has to be registered here in the United States.

register your plane with the faa using form

You Want To Enjoy Your Plane

As noted above, even if you are the owner and pilot of the aircraft, unless you have the certification to back it up, you might as well have bought empty space in a hangar. You didn’t buy that plane to stay rooted to the Earth, and so you want to get the whole process over and done with as quickly as possible. The only downside to this is that you have to complete the registration forms supplied by the FAA. Unless you are a professional form-filler, the whole process can be very bureaucratic, and you may find yourself rejected at the end because the form is not correct. This can drive many people to become frustrated with the whole process, which is why National Aviation Center is here to help you.

Let Us Help You Complete Your Forms

Filling in these forms can be extremely difficult even for people who have done it before, and sometimes it is necessary to call in the experts. If you are keen to get the form 8050-1 finished before your maiden flight, then you need to call in our team to help you. We will go over the forms that you intend to submit, checking them for mistakes and for missing documentation. Then, we will help you to correct any errors that we find. This will make the whole process much easier, and once you have the finished forms, you can then submit it to the FAA without fear of being rejected. We are here to help you succeed, so take the first steps towards success by emailing our team on or call (800) 357-0893 now.