re registration of aircraft

Re Registration of Aircraft: What Do You Need It For?

As of October 1, 2010, the Final Rule issued by the Federal Aviation Administration and published on July 20, 2010, became effective. It regards re registration of aircraft and renewal of aircraft registration. 

The Final Rule seeks to provide the Federal Aviation Administration with accurate updated registration information. It requires all current U.S.-registered aircraft to re-register and receive a new certificate of registration that will include an expiration date and only be valid for a period of three years.

Do I Need To Re Register My Airplane?

Re registration of aircraft depends on the original date of registration. According to the Final Rule, every single aircraft registered before October 1, 2010, has to be re registered. The expiration date on the certificates of registration is based on the month in which the aircraft was registered to the current owner. 

re registration of aircraft

Meeting Deadlines: The Three FAA Notices

Before the registration expires, the Federal Aviation Administration will send three notices to the mailing address registered on your last registration certificate. It’s important to fill in the forms on time to avoid problems in the future. Bear in mind that if you try to apply for re registration of aircraft before the first notice arrives, the Federal Aviation Administration may reject your application and send it back asking to wait a little longer.

The first notice arrives six months before expiration. The notice will say  “Notice: Expiration of Aircraft Registration.” This is when you know it’s time to apply for re registration. It includes basic instructions and outlines the expiration date and filing window for re registration of aircraft. In case you’re aware that the certificate expires in less than 6 months and you haven’t received anything, there might be an issue with your mailing address.

In case you haven’t applied for the re registration of aircraft shortly before receiving the first notice, you’ll get a second one between two to three months before the registration expires. The form is entitled “Final Notice: Expiration of Aircraft Registration.”

The third and final notice arrives within a month from the expiration date a third and last notice from the Federal Aviation Administration named “Aircraft Registration has EXPIRED – N-Number Pending Cancelation.” The cancellation of the registration and US registration number will occur approximately 90 days after the expiration date.

Problems With Certification Cancellation

Failing to meet with the re registration of aircraft in time can bring up many issues. Your airplane is not allowed to operate legally, since the registration expired. It could impact insurance coverage for the owner or operator, and also could be in default under the terms and conditions of the financing or lease agreements in case the aircraft is financed or leased. You might lose the U.S. registration number and this will cause significant costs and delays to reinstate the aircraft registration and obtain a new U. S. registration number.

Proceeding With Re Registration Of Aircraft

When the time for re registration arrives, dealing directly with the situation may prove difficult. Leave it all to us. We will make sure to notify you in case there is information missing before sending the new documentation to the Federal Aviation Administration. You can fill in the right form on our website.