aircraft registration list

Importance of the Aircraft Registration List for Buyers and Sellers

Do you want to get your plane on the aircraft registration list, yet aren’t entirely sure how it all works? Or, do you want to get the information from the list so that you can make the best decision for an upcoming purchase? There are a number of reasons to get on that list. At our site, we’ve made it easier than ever. Additionally, we also have ways that you can check out what the list says so you’ll have all of the data you need. 

aircraft registration list

The Aircraft Registration List Explained 

You need to register your aircraft to be able to legally fly it. This isn’t like with boats, where some of them don’t need to be documented. With aircraft, you need to get them registered so that you can be in compliance with FAA regulations. Once your aircraft is registered, it will be put on this list. That list will also have plenty of information about your aircraft and its past. That will follow your aircraft through time. 

An Abstract 

Don’t let the name fool you. There’s nothing abstract about the information that this form can provide. When you apply for one of these, you’ll get all of the info about an aircraft that’s on that list. You’ll know all you need to know about the aircraft. Better still, this information is all completely legit. This isn’t some ad that you read online – this is the real, unvarnished truth about the aircraft. 

For Buyers 

As you might imagine, this abstract can come in very handy for a prospective aircraft buyer. Maybe you’ve been communicating with someone online about their aircraft. Everything sounds great. Then, just to cover all of your bases, you get the abstract. Then, you find that some things the seller has told you about the plane don’t add up. They don’t match what’s on the abstract. Now, you know that, at best, the seller has been misleading you. This is just one way that an abstract can help quite a bit. 

For Sellers 

Of course, being registered and up to date on that list is important for sellers too. Again, go back to the hypothetical in the last paragraph. The seller wants to be able to sell their aircraft, and they want to do so for as much money as possible. A seller has to assume that a prospective buyer is going to get the abstract and learn the truth. If the information that the FAA has on hand isn’t up to date, or something doesn’t add up, then that significantly decreases the seller’s chances of getting what they want for their aircraft. 

Purchasing an Abstract and More 

An abstract, through our site, is just $70. For less than $100, you can find out everything you need to know about an aircraft before you investigate it further, saving you time and money. We can even send you the info on paper or CD. If you go to our site, you’ll find what info you need to get the abstract you want. For more information, call us at (800) 357-0893.