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How to Add a Plane to the FAA Database

When you own your own airplane, the sky is quite literally the limit. You have the freedom to design your own flight plan and clear the runway to your destination of choice. While aviation may not be the right hobby for everyone, for a select few it is the only way to spend their free time. Since flying a plane can be dangerous when done improperly, it takes a lot of work to get a pilot’s license. You need to complete many hours of coursework and study and spend a fair amount of time in a simulator or cock-pit with licensed instructors. Once you take and pass your exam, though, you will be issued a certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and you will be able to pilot a plane on your own. To truly maximize your new, hard-earned privileges, however, you probably want to purchase an airplane of your own. Once you have finalized the transaction for your aircraft, it will also need to be added to the FAA database, which we can help with.

As you may already know, buying an airplane can be a considerable investment. Even small aircraft with previous owners can command prices much higher than a new car. With this in mind, the onus is on you to do as much research as you can before you enter the marketplace. This means getting to know the various types of aircraft, including the nuances of particular makes and models. You will then need to scour trade publications and online listings to find a seller, with whom you can then negotiate a price. Once the deal is done, though, you are nearly cleared for take-off–you just need to do a bit of paperwork. Fortunately, by working with a private service such as ours, you can register your new plane online with just a few clicks.

Filling Out a Form to Join the FAA Database

The FAA is an agency you can expect to work with fairly frequently as a pilot and aircraft owner. Tasked with managing United States airspace, the FAA controls and manages a database of all aircraft operating within our borders. To join this database, you will need to complete what is called an FAA Form AC 8050-1 – Aircraft Registration Application. By filling in your name, address, plane makes and model, and serial number, you can complete this document and submit it for processing. Your registration will assign you a tail number, and it will need to be renewed once every three years. You should plan to check your mailbox six months before your registration is set to expire, as the FAA will send you a renewal notice complete with a security code to be entered on your application.

faa database

Register Your New Plane Online

By using our streamlined, easy-to-read forms, you can register your airplane online. We have a fillable digital AC 8050-1, along with a host of other FAA web forms. To learn more about how the National Aviation Center can help you, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or take a few minutes to explore our website.