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Processing Your FAA Change of Address Through Our Site

Moving to a new home can be a uniquely exciting occasion, particularly if you are going to a new state. Maybe you have landed a new job, or perhaps you have escaped a cold climate for something more hospitable. Regardless of the occasion or circumstances, a change in scenery can often be a healthy reset in one’s life. With this new opportunity, however, can come a boatload of paperwork. Updating your address with your bank, utility accounts, insurance, and more can quickly become a time-consuming endeavor. If you happen to own your own airplane, you will also need to submit an FAA change of address form.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a large government agency that shoulders a sizable responsibility. In regulating the skies of the U.S. and issuing pilot licenses and aircraft registrations, they are an incredibly active organization. In order to keep the skies safe, maintaining accurate records is important, and for that reason they like to be aware of any moves made by registered aircraft owners and airmen. 

How to File an FAA Change of Address

If you are currently planning, or are in the midst of a move, you are likely learning that updating your address is a hassle. While some businesses and organizations make this easy by allowing you to change your address online, others are stuck in more traditional methods. For their part, the FAA will ask you to complete what is called a Form AC 8060-55, or more simply, a change of address form. 

Per the Code of Federal Regulations, you will need to notify the FAA of your new mailing address within 30 days of obtaining it. This also gives you the option of receiving a new registration certificate, but you will need to request it and pay a small, accompanying fee.

On your Form AC 8060-55, you can expect to provide some rather basic, essential information. You should include your name, your Airmen Certificate Number, as well as your new address, and a signature. Once this document has been completed, you can mail it to the FAA’s P.O. Box in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

You can obtain a Form AC 8060-55, as well as an AC 8060-56 (which will allow you to receive a new certificate) directly from the FAA by visiting their website. You can find PDFs, which you can then download and complete in ink.

File Your FAA Change of Address Online Today

Let’s face it: moves can be stressful, and you likely have a lot on your plate. Why not save yourself some time by working with the National Aviation Center to process your change of address online? We are a private service that exclusively specializes in helping individuals submit their FAA documentation via easy-to-use web forms.

Whether you need a change of address form, a registration renewal, or something more nuanced, our website has you covered. If you take a minute and explore our navigation bar, you will see that we feature a wide array of FAA forms, all streamlined in simple, fillable web documents. To learn more, contact us today.