Aircraft Deregistration Form

Learn All About How to File Your Aircraft Deregistration Form With the FAA

If you no longer need to have your airplane registered in the United States, then you will have to file an Aircraft Deregistration Form with the Federal Aviation Administration. Learn more here.

When to Use the Aircraft Deregistration Form

Many people will hear about the option to deregister an airplane and wonder why they would possibly need to delete their registration from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Civil Aviation Registry. Well, there are going to be some very specific instances in which you will need to consider filing an aircraft deregistration form. Let’s go over the main two reasons.

Your Airplane is no Longer Flying

The more obvious reason for which you will want to submit the aircraft deregistration form will be when the airplane in question is no longer going to fly. Now, there will be two situations in which this will happen: either permanently or temporarily. If you are not going to be operating your airplane for a certain time period because it needs to go under extensive repairs or you’re not planning on using it for a certain period of time. In cases such as these, you shouldn’t deregister the airplane, since you will continue to own it and, eventually, operate it (but you can let the registration expire and renew it later on when you’re ready to use it again). However, if the airplane is permanently not operable, meaning that it will be decommissioned, then you will definitely want to deregister it.

You Are Registering Your Airplane Abroad

Another reason for which you might end up having to deregister your airplane from the Federal Aviation Administration will be when you’re planning to register abroad. Maybe you’re moving to a different country or transferring your assets overseas. Perhaps you’re even selling the airplane to a foreigner. Regardless of the circumstances of the move, it’s imperative that you first delete the registration from. An airplane that is registered in the United States with the Federal Aviation Administration cannot be registered in a different country at the same time, and vice versa. So, if you are planning on registering the airplane abroad, you will want to file an aircraft deregistration form. If that’s the case, you can easily submit it through our platform. All you will need to do is provide some information about yourself (or the owner, if acting on their behalf) and the airplane.

Aircraft Deregistration Form

File the Form to Deregister Your Airplane

Not a lot of stuff is more tedious than administrative paperwork, and as exciting as owning an aircraft is, the required documentation is no exception. Because of this, we at the National Aviation Center are well aware of this fact, which is why we’ve made sure to make it all easier for you. Here on our website you’ll be able to find everything you need when it comes to filing your paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration, be it for initial registration, renewal, or reinstatement. And, regardless of what it is you need help with, be sure to reach out to our team with your doubts and questions and we’ll make sure to answer them.