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How to Enter a Plane into the FAA Registry

If you are passionate about flying planes, you are probably thinking long and hard about purchasing an aircraft. After putting in the necessary coursework and in-flight instruction to gain your pilot’s license, the way to truly maximize your aviation privileges is by taking off in a plane of your own. Buying an airplane, though, is no minor investment, and for many, it is one of the larger purchases they will ever make. The reason for this is that airplanes do not have a maximum price point on the high end, and even smaller aircraft can command a high cost. With this in mind, it is wise to perform a fair amount of due diligence before entering the marketplace. You will want to know the different types of aircraft, including specific makes and models, before ultimately deciding on the plane that is right for you. Once your purchase is made, you will also need to enter your aircraft into the FAA registry before taking flight.

It is important to remember that aviation is a relatively new practice, having existed conceptually for just over 100 years. In that time, of course, air travel technology has advanced quite a bit, and now it is actually safer to fly commercially than it is to drive a car. Much of this is due to smart regulations and safety standards issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Having been around for some 70 years or so, the FAA not only assists in crafting laws and regulations but also issues pilot’s licenses and manages air traffic control. Beyond that, the FAA also maintains a thorough and comprehensive registry of all aircraft operating in the United States. As a plane owner, it is your duty to ensure that your FAA paperwork is current–fortunately, we can help.

Joining the FAA Registry for the First Time

With the keys to your new plane in your hands, you are probably pretty eager to get up in the air. You have thoroughly inspected your aircraft and made sure it has adequate fuel levels. You are almost ready to leave the hangar. First, though, have you registered your aircraft? When you assume ownership of an airplane, you need to fill out Form AC 8050-1 – Aircraft Registration Application. This document will ask for your plane’s make, model, and serial number, in addition to your name and address. Once processed, your registration will be valid for a period of three years, at which point you will need to process a renewal. Your aircraft registration will also provide your plane with its tail number, which is officially called an N-number.

faa registry

Register Your Plane Online

While you do have the option to fill out a paper copy of Form AC 8050-1 and mail it to the FAA’s office in Oklahoma City, there is also a simpler way. You can use our fillable web forms to draft your application online. We will then process your documents via our SSL-encrypted web portal. To learn more about some of our FAA document services, spend a few minutes browsing our site, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.