airplane registration lookup

Airplane Registration Lookup: Nothing Abstract About the Abstract’s Power

Have you been searching for an airplane registration lookup that you can trust? Are you researching one plane or another and need an unimpeachable information source? If you’re going through the process of buying an airplane (or just seeing what’s available out there) then you want to be as informed as possible. Unfortunately, there are many information sources that, shall we say, have a very loose relationship with the truth. We offer an airplane abstract that will tell you the truth. 

airplane registration lookup

Airplane Registration Lookup: One of the Benefits of the Abstract

The abstract contains many different forms of information. For one thing, it will tell you if the airplane has been registered. This is no small thing. Registering an airplane isn’t like the optional registration for boats or other forms of transportation. There’s nothing optional about it – it’s mandatory. If an airplane isn’t registered and someone told you that it is, then you would have very serious questions about the airplane as well as the seller in question. 

All of the Information in the Abstract

To be clear, the abstract doesn’t just tell you whether or not the aircraft is registered. Sure, that’s part of it, but you’ll also know if there are any outstanding liens on the aircraft. After all, if there are, and you purchase the aircraft, then suddenly you’re now responsible for those liens. The last thing you want is the nasty surprise that you actually owe more money on the aircraft that you originally thought. By that same token, vendors, mechanics, and others may have claims on the aircraft due to money that they were owed. When you buy an aircraft, that’s what you want. No one wants to buy an aircraft as well as plenty of outstanding debts. We can help keep that from happening. 

A Source You Can Trust 

“But wait,” you might think, “how can I be sure that the information in your abstract is better than anyone else’s?” Well, the truth is that these abstracts are put together by the FAA itself. Every aircraft registered in America goes through the FAA. The FAA has no vested interest in whether you buy one aircraft or another, unlike practically every other source that you may find online. So, if you need to know when a certain plane was manufactured, who manufactured it as well as when, and plenty of other questions, an abstract can answer them definitely. 

More than Just the Abstract

While an abstract can be a critically important form, it’s rarely the only form that an aircraft owner needs. After all, once you buy the aircraft, then you have to make sure that it’s registered. You have to keep that registration up to date, inform the FAA about any address changes, and plenty of other forms. You can find all of these forms and others right at our site. Moreover, you’ll be able to fill them out completely and quickly. For more information, give us a call at (800) 357-0893.