Civil Aircraft Register

Civil Aircraft Register for Beginners

If you have ever owned an aircraft in the United States then you must know how important it is to register your plane with the FAA’s Civil Aircraft Register. The FAA is no other than the Federal Aviation Administration, and you need to register with them the same way you have to do it with the appropriate state authority to get your car plate. This process will not only help the governmental agency to keep track of airplanes flying over the United States aerospace but also the proprietor of the plane to have evidence of his or her ownership.

Particularities About the N-Number

As we said, the tool that the FAA uses to keep track of every non-commercial plane in the American skies is the civil aircraft register. This database holds the information on every citizen-owned plane for administrative purposes. They accomplish this task with the n-number. This series of digits (five, to be exact) will hold the information about the airplane regardless of the owner changes and registration periods. In conclusion, this will help both the owners, who will be able to consult the information about specific aircraft and the agency, which will be allowed to maintain consistent records of the documentation changes.

Let us get back to the n-number for a few lines. As we said, it is formed by 5 digits. The first three of them need to be numbered, while you have the option of choosing letters for the last two digits. Keep in mind that you can not start your n-number with 0 or use the letters ‘I’ or ‘O’ as they can be mistakenly taken by a number. Additionally, we call it n-number for a reason: That is the way every United States-owned aircraft starts. In Canada, they start with a C, France with an F, and the United Kingdom with a G to name a few.

How to Get Your Initial Registration

Your initial registration can be submitted to the FAA’s Civil Aircraft Register in two different ways. The first one of them is to go straight to the source and just get the form you need from the Federal Aviation Administration’s website. Over there, you will be able to get the form you need (it is called form AC 8050-1) and, after filling it out, you can submit it along with the corresponding proof of ownership. Once the process is complete, you will be granted a certificate that officializes that you have properly finished the registration.

The other option is with the National Aviation Center. Our platform allows you to have access to that same document (and actually any other type of aircraft paperwork) with the difference that it can be processed online. We noticed how inconvenient it can be to have to send your documentation via regular post to the FAA offices in Oklahoma. This motivated the creation of our own site.

Civil Aircraft Register

Who we Are

The National Aviation Center is a third-party agency that allows you to, like we said, access your aircraft documentation online. This is not, however, the only advantage you can benefit from. Additionally, our experienced staff can clear any doubts you may have about the Civil Aircraft Register, and even overlook your submitted forms so no mistakes are made. Furthermore, rest assured that your details will be kept secure: our site is SSL-encrypted. Contact us today if you need any other information!