aircraft tail number lookup

Aircraft Tail Number Lookup: Know the Truth Before You Fly

Do you know an aircraft’s tail number, but you want to know more about it? Have you been researching an airplane and you want an unimpeachable source that you can trust? An “Abstract” is a great aircraft tail number lookup. Additionally, it can give you so much more information than that as well. If you know the “N” number and want to know the rest of the plane’s history, we’ve got you covered. 

How Our Aircraft Tail Number Lookup Works 

As with all of our other forms, we’ve streamlined the documentation process as much as possible. That means you can click on the “Abstract” page, then just fill in the blanks that have little asterisks by them. That’s it. You don’t need the rest. Beyond that, we offer the choice of whether you want these forms to be sent to you in a “hard copy” or on CD-ROM. As our site has been mobile-optimized, you can fill it out from just about anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. 

What’s Contained in an Abstract 

Not to be flippant, but it might be shorter to ask: “what airplane information isn’t contained in an abstract.” This form will contain all of the details about the manufacturer of the plane, when the plane was constructed, when it was registered (as well as renewed) and so much more. Of special importance: it will let you know if there are any liens against the plane and whether or not they have been satisfied. When you’re considering purchasing an airplane, getting the abstract first is a great course of action. 

An Example of How Important This Can Be 

Say that you’re talking to an owner about buying their aircraft. You’ve been in touch a few times, you’ve even gone to see the aircraft. It all looks on the level. Overjoyed, you finally purchase an aircraft, something you’ve been dreaming about forever. Then, not long after, you come to find out: there are liens on this airplane. Moreover, they’re liens that the prior owner did not satisfy. Of course, that doesn’t matter now, because these liens are on you. So, you’ll have to pay them, whatever they were. Purchasing an Abstract is always much, much less than any aircraft lien would be. 

All of the Forms You’ll Need for Any Aircraft 

Hopefully, the above scenario does not occur. Instead, you get an Abstract, you find that the aircraft is great, it’s everything you ever wanted and then some. Throughout the course of your aircraft ownership, there are many other forms that you might potentially need. Maybe it’s time to renew your aircraft registration, or you want to do something about your Airworthiness Certificate. You can find all of these forms and more right at our site. Beyond that, if you have any questions about them, our helpful staff is glad to answer them. In fact, if you’d like, they can even stay on the phone with you while you complete the form, email, or call us at (800) 357-0893.