Aircraft Registration: Three Steps to Takeoff

Aircraft Registration: Three Steps to Takeoff

You’ve got your aircraft. After so much research, many starts and stops, everything has come together. You’ve just about got everything that you need to finally take it up in the air. But, there’s one step you can’t overlook: aircraft registration. In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem like a big deal, but it is. It’s not like your registration is going to physically fix your aircraft should something go wrong in the sky. But, making sure that you’re registered is important. At our site, we’ve helped so many to do it that much faster. 

Aircraft Registration: Three Steps to Takeoff

The Aircraft Registration You Need 

In aircraft ownership, as in life, there are “wants tos” and “have tos.” Getting the most expensive plane imaginable, for example, is a “want to.” There are plenty of great planes that you could buy for a less expensive price. Registering your aircraft, however – that’s a “have to.” when it comes to registration, you really don’t have a choice. Being in compliance with FAA regulations is the only way that you’re going to legally get into the air. This all may sound a little intimidating, but it isn’t. All you have to do is go through our site and you can finish it in a matter of minutes. 

A Simple Three-Step (or Less) Process 

If you look at our home page (as of this writing) you’ll see that filling out your forms is a “three step” process. Step one is to complete our online forms, which is really the longest part of the process. You have to find the form you need (all of which are on the left of our home page). Then, fill the form out. We’ve made it so that you can do this from practically anywhere. Just enter in the blanks that have asterisks by them. Then, step two is submitting documents and fees. Pay whatever the fee is and send along any relevant documents. The third step is to enjoy your aircraft, so technically, there’s only two steps. That’s just how simple this is. 

Continuing Registration and More 

Registration is a crucially important form of aircraft documentation. However, it’s far from the only kind of aircraft documentation that your vessel might potentially need. So many of the forms we have are there to help with any life changes that might occur in the course of your aircraft ownership. Whether you’re re-registering, selling, or anything else, we can help you to be in compliance. 

Helping You Stay in the Sky (Legally) 

You might have read the above paragraph and thought, “wait, which form am I going to need at what point?” Don’t let that throw you off. We’re happy to help. Here at the National Aviation Center, we have a professional, experienced staff that has been trained to answer any questions that you might have. Aircraft documentation can be confusing at best, so if you want to talk to someone with plenty of experience, you can call us at (800) 357-0893.