aircraft records

Aircraft Records: Know Before Your Fly and Before You Buy

Remember the last time you bought an appliance? Maybe it was something large, like a washer and dryer, or perhaps it was something smaller, such as a grill, blender, or something similar. If you’re like most people, you did your research. You went online, saw the pros and cons of one brand, make, or model, read some reviews, and then made a decision accordingly. That’s how most of us shop now for practically anything: from appliances to movies, TV shows to soap, etc. If that’s the amount of research you would do for something small, imagine how much you should do before you buy an airplane. That’s why an aircraft records abstract is so important. 

Airplane Records Abstract 

One of the more popular forms at our site is called “an abstract.” This document has all of the information that you might need to know about an aircraft. You can find out so much here: when it was created, if there are any liens on it, problems the aircraft may have had, the entire chain of ownership, and so forth. Better still, this information comes from the most trustworthy source possible: the Federal Aviation Administration. Everything in these records is backed by them, so you can trust that it’s real. 

aircraft records

Reading the Abstract Before You Buy 

Paradoxically, with the internet, it can be easier and more difficult to find the right aircraft. Yes, you can choose from more aircraft than ever before, as you can find more aircraft more quickly than in any other era. However, you may have to be more careful than ever before about who you trust. So many aircraft owners have found what seems like the perfect airplane online. Then, when they talk to the owner, everything sounds rosy. Once they go to the trouble and expense of buying the aircraft, however, they find they were lied to.

How an Abstract Helps 

Say that you were talking to an owner about buying their aircraft. Everything looks good, it all sounds like it’s on the up and up, the aircraft owner certainty paints a positive picture of the aircraft. Then, just to be sure, you purchase the abstract. Upon reading it, you quickly discover you were lied to: the aircraft is older than you were told. Moreover, there are liens on the aircraft that you would be expected to pay. At that point, you would be in a far, far better position to make the right choice for your needs. 

Documents for Your Aircraft 

We don’t mean to make you overly paranoid. Many aircraft owners get the abstract and find that everything is as the owner told them it was, so they go forward with buying the aircraft. Once the aircraft is yours, though, we can still help. At the National Aviation Center, we have all of the aircraft forms that you might need for every phase of owning your aircraft. If you need any help with the forms here, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 357-0893.