Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Registration for Begginers

If you are taking your first steps in the aircraft industry, there is probably a lot to learn about. Other than the obvious mastering of the plane itself, there is a certain degree of paperwork you need to get familiar with before being able to fly around. N-number, Form 8050-1, Federal Aviation Administration, and Aircraft registration are some of the concepts this article will center on. Read on and get your plane started! 

The Federal Aviation Administration

Let us begin by clearing some of the concepts we mentioned above. On one hand, the Federal Aviation Administration is an office from the Department of Transportation of the United States Government, like the Maritime Administration (MARAD). The difference, obviously, is that the FAA has the mission of providing “the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world”.

To do so, they keep an updated registry of the planes around the United States registry, from small jets to big, commercial boeings. Every pilot, regardless of the size of the plane, has to submit an aircraft registration if they want to be authorized to fly around US skies. This document can be obtained through form 8050-1, and it is available on the FAA website. Once completed and approved, you will be assigned an n-number. This number works the same way a car plate does, and serves the purpose of identifying your aircraft. It should be displayed on the tail of your plane.

Information you Need for your Aircraft Registration

To be able to submit your aircraft registration, you will need to download the corresponding form from the FAA website. Once you have done that, you can either complete the form by hand or on your computer. You will be asked some details about the plane like the aircraft manufacturer, model and serial number, the United States registration number, and the type of registration. Furthermore, you will need to complete information about yourself as well, like your name, phone, mailing, and physical address, and an oath that the above information is correct.

Now that the form has been completed, it is ready to be sent to the FAA offices in Oklahoma. Before closing the envelope, however, you should add the corresponding fee and the supporting documentation. In the case of aircraft registration, you need to prove the ownership of the plane. You can do so with the AC Form 8050-2, also called the aircraft bill of sale. If you didn’t buy the aircraft from the last registered owner, it is your responsibility to submit conveyances that complete the chain of ownership from the last registered owner until the applicant.

Aircraft Registration

All your Forms are Readily Accessible 

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