aircraft online security code

Aircraft Online Security Code and What to Watch For

When you first hear about it, the “aircraft online security code” sounds great. It sounds like the kind of thing that only certain pilots get assigned as if only the lucky, chosen few get the opportunity to have an aircraft online security code. This security code can be quite helpful, but there are also times that you may have to use it after something negative has happened. In this blog, we’ll go over when you get the code, where to use it and how to use it best. 

aircraft online security code

Receiving the Aircraft Online Security Code

Six months before your aircraft’s registration expires, you’ll get a notice reminding you of that. Unfortunately, many aircraft owners don’t get this particular notice. It’s something that could be sent to the last address the FAA had on your file. So, if you don’t live there anymore (or if you neglected to update the address with the FAA database) then this notice won’t be sent to you. This notice will contain the online code. You won’t get it before that. This code did not come with your N-Number or anything like that.

Receiving the Code Again

That’s not the only time you’ll get the code from the FAA. Four months later, the FAA will send you another notification. This one will let you know that you have two months left until your registration expires. Along with that, you’ll be given the code for a second time. This is also the last time that you’ll be given the code while your aircraft is legally registered. You will be given the code in your “Expiration of Aircraft Registration Notice,” which you probably don’t want to get. However, you don’t have to fret about that.

Renewal even if you lose the Code

If you go to our site and go to the “Renewal” application, you’ll notice something: there is a place for the security code. However, you’ll find that there is no little asterisk beside it. That means that you don’t have to put the code in. We understand that not everyone will have all of the forms that they’ve been sent by the FAA. Just because you happened to misplace your security code doesn’t mean that you should be precluded from renewing your aircraft’s registration. You can fill out our entire form and renew your aircraft’s registration all without this form.

Reinstatement and More with Us

If you go to some other places to reinstate your aircraft registration, you may notice that you have to use your security code to do so. You don’t need those eight digits to do so on our site. In fact, if you go to the re-registration form, you’ll find that there is no space to put the security code in. That’s just one more way that we can make filling out these forms easier on our customers. To see all of the different forms that we offer or to ask a question, call us at (800) 357-0893.



Aircraft Online Security Code and What to Watch For  |Aircraft Registration Database


Aircraft online security code is something that you need to get aircraft reinstatement and airplane renewal, but not if you go through our site. In neither case, as an expert on FAA renewal explains in this blog, will you need it if you go through our website: (800) 357-0893