FAA form 8050-1

When and How to File FAA Form 8050-1

Like all other bureaucratic transportation applications, registering your aircraft can often be more complicated than it should be. They’ll tell you that you need to submit FAA form 8050-1 and you won’t know much about what that is or what it entails. Allows us to explain.

Explaining FAA Form 8050-01

Every form sounds complicated when referred to as a series of numbers. However, there really isn’t a lot that is truly complicated about FAA form 8050-1. This is the official numbering of the form for initial aircraft registration, which all new owners will have to submit. Registration is very important when it comes to owning aircraft because it will be necessary in order to legally operate within United States airspace. Even small, personal, and recreational aircraft will have to go through this process, so always make sure that you look into the process before flying so as to avoid costly fees or issues.

Who Needs to Submit this Form?

Every aircraft owner will need to have their registration in place, but there are two different ways in which to get it. The first, of course, is FAA form 8050-1, which entails initial registration for a new aircraft. You will need to file for registration using this form if you are purchasing the aircraft directly from a retailer or the manufacturer as the first owner. However, if you are buying the aircraft from a previous owner, then they will need to apply for a transfer of registration that passes it along to you. The aircraft itself is already registered, after all, so all that’s needed is to change the owner instead of having to start from scratch with the whole procedure.

Submitting the Form

Now, usually, you would have to submit the form directly with the Federal Aviation Administration. However, we want to make it easier for you. After all, when dealing directly with them, there are bound to be issued along the way. If there are any mistakes on the FAA form 8050-1 when you submit it, for example, they will return the application and you’ll have to submit it all over again, delaying the process. Our document checkers, however, make sure to check your application for mistakes before submitting them to the Federal Aviation Administration. That’s not to mention that we make it all the easier for you to find and fill out the corresponding forms here on our platform.

Trust the National Aviation Center

Now, whether you are registering your aircraft for the first time, updating your registration, renewing it, or deleting it, you won’t have to go anywhere to find the forms you need. Here at the National Aviation Center, we have the platform for you to submit any form related to your aircraft registration so that you can make sure it’s always accurate, updated, and in order. All the forms here mentioned, and more, are all ready for you to fill up on our home page, but if you need some additional help with any of them, don’t worry. Use our website chat, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 1-800-357-0893 and we’ll answer your questions in no time.