reinstate aircraft registration

When and How to Effectively Reinstate Airplane Registration

Has your airplane registration expired? Even though you may have written it down and done your best to remember, did you not send in your renewal before the deadline? Few just intend for their aircraft registration to lapse. While this isn’t something that aircraft owners typically want to happen, it does not have to be the end of the world. Here at the National Aviation Center, we’ve made it simple and easy to reinstate aircraft registration

reinstate aircraft registration

Reinstate Airplane Registration, Not Renewal 

Probably the most common question we’re asked in regards to reinstating aircraft registration is some version of: “hey, my registration expired. I can just renew it, right?” Unfortunately, you can’t. Once it has expired, renewal is no longer an option. After the renewal date has passed, your registration is null and void. So, if you try to renew it instead of reinstating it, then you’ll draw the process out even longer. We can help you to reinstate it the right way so that you can save time as well as money. 

What Does it Mean When Aircraft Registration Has Expired? 

Simply put, it means that the aircraft is “without authority to operate.” That means you can’t use it. This can seem harsh and, truthfully, it is. That said, this is why it’s so important to make sure that your registration is in good, working order. We built our site to make it as easy as possible to be able to renew your registration without having to go the reinstatement route. Once it has expired, to legally operate the aircraft, you must reinstate your registration. 

Reinstating Quickly After Registration Expiration is Important 

Once your aircraft registration has expired, it’s natural to feel a bit fatalistic about it. “Oh geez, I missed the renewal date. Well, I’ll send it in when I want. I can wait,” is a common sentiment we hear. The truth is that can make the reinstatement process all that much more difficult. See, once your aircraft registration expires, the FAA will send you a notice telling you when your N-Number is scheduled for cancellation. Reinstating your registration sooner has plenty of benefits. 

A Site to Reinstate your Registration (and Renew It) 

You may feel like you want to panic when you find out that your registration is no longer valid, but there are far more constructive, proactive measures that you can take. Heading to our site and filling out the form is a great way to get back in the sky legally and faster. Once you’ve sent the form out to us, we can go over it, making sure that there are no errors of any size. From there, we can pass it along to the FAA that much quicker, so that you’ll be back up in the air before you know it. Then, to keep this from happening in the future, you can renew through our site as well. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (800) 357-0893.