Reinstate Your Plane

How to Reinstate Your Plane Registration

One of your true passions in life is flying. You love going up in a plane, soaring through the skies, and taking in the sights you see while far above the earth. You enjoy it all so much that you went out and purchased an aircraft of your own so that you can go flying whenever the mood strikes you. You have been able to fly near and far, seeing places and things you never thought you would. However, one day, when you go out to the mailbox, you see a letter from the FAA. You open the envelope and read words that make your jaw drop – your registration has lapsed, and you cannot take your plane out legally. You thought you had taken care of everything, but you overlooked re-registering when you had to. What do you do now? There is a process you can go through to reinstate your plane registration, and here at the National Aviation Center, we can be there to assist you.

The Registration Reinstatement Process

The FAA does make efforts to notify owners that their registration is expiring and requires renewal. Notices are mailed out starting at six months before expiration so that you can be proactive and apply for renewal. However, many people get busy with their lives and simply forget that it needs to be done until the date has passed. The problem becomes that without registration, your plane is not legally allowed to be in the air. You will need to go to the FAA and seek to reinstate your registration so that your N-number for your plane is not reassigned to another aircraft. Unfortunately, the process can be complicated at this point with the FAA.

Reinstate Your Plane

The FAA and Registration

To reinstate your plane registration, you will have to file with the FAA. You might think – great, I can just go to the website and do it online! The problem is that the security codes you need to do this were included with the renewal notices they sent you long ago. Without these codes, you are unable to perform the action online, so you will have to physically mail the form to the FAA. This means if you make a mistake, the form gets returned to you, and you need to start over, delaying the process. If the letter gets lost in the mail, you are pushed back even further. Finding an easier way to do this is imperative to you at this point.

The Easier Method to Reinstate Your Plane

The easiest way you can reinstate your plane registration is to work with us here at the National Aviation Center. We have the forms you need on our site so that you can fill them out at your computer and send them to us right away. Our professional staff looks them over, double-checks everything, and then passes them on to the FAA for you. With our help, you can get your plane reinstated faster and more efficiently, letting you get back up in the sky where you want to be.