FAA Form 8050-2

What is an FAA Form 8050-2?

For the average individual, piloting their own aircraft seems like an unimaginable dream. To be up in the clouds, on your own, navigating the skies is a privilege that is reserved for a very select few. If you have found yourself among that elite crowd, then you have put in the long hours of study and training required to obtain your pilot’s license. While that license gave you the freedom to fly a plane on your own, owning an aircraft is a different story. With a plane all your own, you have the luxury of being able to take off whenever you would like, even at a moment’s notice, if the urge should strike you. Of course, as you likely realize, airplanes can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason, it is fairly common for newer aviators to purchase previously owned aircraft. When such a transaction occurs, there is a fair amount of paperwork to complete with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). More specifically, you will need to complete an FAA Form 8050-2, and by using our forms, you can do this online.

Making the decision to buy or sell an aircraft is not something that is arrived at without much deliberation. If you are selling your plane–possibly to buy a bigger or smaller aircraft–you have a responsibility to ensure that it is well-maintained, and that you have all of the necessary FAA documents on hand. For buyers, there will likely be weeks or even months of research that occur ahead of finally making an offer. Once these two parties do agree to terms, and payment has been exchanged, there will be a process to complete in order to finalize the transaction. Read on to learn more about how you can complete an FAA bill of sale document, also called a Form 8050-2.

How to Complete an FAA Form 8050-2

When you purchase just about anything, be it something small like a pack of gum, or a grander purchase, like a car, you are given some form of a receipt. Well, this same principle holds true when you are buying an aircraft. A bill of sale, which is also known as Form 8050-2, must be submitted to the FAA when a registered aircraft changes ownership. This document will ask for the names and signatures of the buyer and seller. You will also need to provide the airplane’s serial and N-number, as well as its manufacturer and model. 

You can complete an aircraft bill of sale by visiting the FAA’s website and locating a PDF copy of the Form 8050-2. From there, you can download this file, print it, fill it out by hand, and mail it back to the FAA’s office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for processing. Of course, you could also work with a private service such as ours at the National Aviation Center and complete this task online.

FAA Form 8050-2

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