Airplane Airworthiness Certificate

What is an Airplane Airworthiness Certificate?

There is nothing quite like flying your own aircraft. Soaring up above the clouds, thousands of miles north of the stresses of life on the ground, the relaxing, liberating feeling that comes with aviation is unmatched. Of course, piloting your own airplane is also a significant responsibility. To get to the point where you can fly solo in the cockpit, you will need to log many training hours and study hard. Once you pass your pilot’s exam, you will then have the license to take off whenever you see fit. To truly maximize your freedom as an aviator, however, you are probably going to want to own your own aircraft. Buying an airplane is a considerable investment, and for many, outside of purchasing a home, it is one of the most expensive things they will ever own. With this in mind, it is crucial that you perform ample due diligence before buying an aircraft. This means scouring for sale listings and researching which make and model is right for you. Because aircrafts are prohibitively expensive, you may find that you can get a great deal on a previously owned airplane, and provided you have an airplane airworthiness certificate, this can be a cost-effective pathway to follow.

An airplane airworthiness certificate is issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA’s origins date back to 1958, when it assumed the form we know today–though its roots go back even farther than that. The FAA has an important responsibility, as they are the primary government agency tasked with monitoring the skies of the United States. They accomplish this task in a few different ways. The FAA issues pilot licenses ensuring that all aviators navigating our skies have the basic competency to do so. They also monitor and control air traffic in order to help avoid collisions and accidents. The FAA also maintains a registry of all aircraft owned in the United States, and their inspectors will deem aircrafts worthy of safe flight. Read on to learn more about airworthiness certificates and how you can get yours online using our forms.

Applying for an Airplane Airworthiness Certificate Online

So, after months of research and browsing listings in both print and digital resources, you have found the aircraft of your dreams. Before you can leave the hangar and take off, however, you have discovered that you need an airplane airworthiness certificate. You may find yourself wondering, just what is this document? Well, as its name would suggest, an airworthiness certificate is a document issued by the FAA that authorizes an aircraft to take flight. An airworthiness certificate must be applied for by an aircraft’s registered owner or an agent working on their behalf.

Airworthiness certificates come in two different varieties: the standard airworthiness certificate and the special airworthiness certificate. In order to obtain this certificate, the FAA will send qualified, trained inspectors to thoroughly review your aircraft. This process may involve ground and flight tests in addition to maintenance inspections. There are a couple of different avenues available for obtaining your airworthiness certificate. You can prepare a formal written request and mail it to the FAA’s office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for processing. Of course, this will require a bit of paperwork and a trip to the post office. If that sounds like too much a hassle, you can also contact us at the National Aviation Center. We offer a streamlined, easy-to-fill web form that you can use to apply for your FAA airworthiness certificate.

Initial Registrations, Renewals, and More

If you have other FAA documentation matters to resolve, we can help. When you purchase an aircraft, it is incumbent on you, as the owner, to register it with the FAA. This is done by completing what is called a Form AC 8050-1. This document will call for some information about you, as well as your aircraft, including its manufacturer, model, and serial number. Once issued, your registration will provide you with a N-number, which is also called a tail number. FAA aircraft registrations are valid for a period of three years, at which point you can request a renewal. The FAA will mail you reminders at six and two months before your expiration date. Those reminder notices will include a security code which you will need to enter on your renewal request form. At the National Aviation Center, we have online forms that you can use to process your Form AC 8050-1 or your renewal request with just a few clicks.

Airplane Airworthiness Certificate

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