faa data exchange

Understanding the FAA Data Exchange

Times have certainly changed over the years where flight and air traffic is concerned. What once was a strictly commercial venture involving the airlines we fly every day has become much more crowded airspace. More individuals and private companies are operating and flying than in the past. There is also the added use of drones today. Drones have become more prevalent for personal and business use, and the FAA has recognized that drones in airspace can be a danger to the airplanes that also occupy the skies. Taking all of this into consideration, the government agency has created a unique FAA data exchange so that data airspace can be used and shared safely.

What is the Data Exchange?

The plan is to create partnerships so that the FAA can work closely with industries and companies to help create safer airspace. The first step in the process involved the creation of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability. Known as LAANC, this collaboration allows for better integration of drones into the airspace. The objective of the LAANC is to provide controlled space below 400 feet so that drones can fly. It also creates greater awareness of where and when drone pilots can and cannot fly, placing restrictions that could cause security and safety risks. The agreement also provides air traffic professionals access and visibility into where and when drones are operating.

faa data exchange

Registration is the Exchange Key

The critical component of the FAA Data Exchange comes with registration. Drone owners and pilots are required by law to register their drones with the FAA so that there is a record. Permission must also be sought from the FAA before a drone pilot is allowed to operate and fly under 400 feet around controlled airspace around airports. Those caught in violation are subject to arrest and hefty fines, so it makes the most sense to move ahead with following proper procedures so you can avoid any problems or hazards. It all comes down to filing the correct paperwork with the FAA so you can do what you are supposed to do.

Speaking of FAA Paperwork…

While the FAA Data Exchange is a new advancement regarding airspace, as an aircraft owner, you need to be familiar with filing paperwork and registration with the FAA. Here at the National Aviation Center, it is our goal to make getting information to the FAA from plane owners as easy as possible. We can work with you, supplying you with any of the FAA forms you may need so that you can fill out and file them electronically with us. Our methods are faster and more secure than sending everything through the traditional mail system. We even look at forms to make sure there are no mistakes that can cause delays for you. You can also call us at (800) 357-0893 if you have any questions with a form. Use our services the next time you need to file with the FAA so you can see just what we can do to make life easier for you.