aircraft claim of lien

Understanding the Aircraft Claim of Lien

In many ways, an airplane is a modern marvel of engineering. If you have spent any amount of time around an airfield–or anywhere, really–you have probably gazed up at the sky in wonderment as you noticed airplanes crossing through the air. Airplane technology has also come a long way since the Wright Brothers first took off way back in 1903, and for individuals who are fortunate enough to own their own aircraft, it is an absolute must that routine maintenance and repairs are carried out in a diligent fashion. As you can likely imagine, such repairs or mechanical work can be expensive, and the unfortunate reality is that sometimes plane owners become delinquent on their payments to mechanics and other workers. When this occurs, those who are owed back compensation do have the option to file an aircraft claim of lien as a way to get what is rightfully theirs.

If you are an airplane mechanic, you work hard for your money, and your time–and skill–is quite valuable. It can be especially frustrating when you have provided your labor to an aircraft owner and they have ignored your invoice. The good news is, an airplane claim of lien, which is a formal legal process, is generally an effective tactic for getting your money back. Read on to learn more about this document, as well as how you can file yours online.

What is an Aircraft Claim of Lien?

When an airplane claim of lien is issued, it means that an individual has put forth a legal claim against the title of the aircraft for compensation that is owed. When an owner has a lien against their aircraft, they can have an incredibly difficult time selling it or obtaining financing. Because of this, a lien is generally a good way to get an owner to pay what they owe. While this is technically a legal process–one that does warrant the services of an attorney–you also must record your lien with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The document that you submit to the FAA should include some information about yourself, as well as the amount of your claim, and a brief description of the services that you provided. You will also need to fill in the plane’s make, model, serial, and N-numbers. Once you have added a signature, you can then submit your claim via mail to the FAA’s headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There is also an easier, online solution–working with us at the National Aviation Center.

aircraft claim of lien

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