Federal Aviation Administration

The Importance of the Federal Aviation Administration

Many government agencies exist today that oversee different areas of importance for all of us. While you may think about areas like Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, the FCC, the IRS and all that they do, there are other agencies that are just as vital to the safety of the country and how things work. The FAA plays a crucial role in the world we live in today. You may not think about them much each day, but if you own an airplane or do any kind of air travel, the importance of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cannot be overstated.

All the Federal Aviation Administration Does

The FAA has many responsibilities today. The agency regulates all aspects of civil aviation in the United States. Safety regulation is of paramount importance and the FAA is responsible for setting guidelines and rules for the aviation industry to adhere to. Air traffic and air space regulation also fall under the FAA. They are responsible for air traffic control and management of all the flights that go up each day, and they operate, maintain, and construct air navigation facilities so that they are capable of adequately handling today’s air traffic safely. Other roles the FAA plays include research and development of air navigation systems, the support of commercial space transportation, and maintaining flight standards of transportation.

Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA and Aircraft Registration

Another role of the Federal Aviation Administration is to take care of documentation and paperwork involving the registration of aircraft. All aircraft in the United States must be registered with the FAA so that they can legally fly in the air space of the country. Registration is a big chore for the FAA, with planes being added, changed, and removed from the database all the time so that records are updated and accurate. Many plane owners cite the difficulty they run into when dealing with the FAA on these matters because the backlog can be so significant. Finding a better way to take care of registration so that the process is streamlined is a common goal for many, and this is where we at the National Aviation Center come in.

Register with the FAA the Best Way

Instead of struggling through dealings with the Federal Aviation Administration when it comes to registration, get our help here at the National Aviation Center. We are an outside agency that offers processing services to the FAA so that you do not have to work through registration alone. We provide the registration forms you need on our website so you can fill them out electronically and get the chore done quickly. You can then transmit the information to us over our secure portal so we can check them for accuracy before we send them to the FAA on your behalf. When you use our website, you do not have to worry about delays and long wait times to get paperwork submitted, allowing you to concentrate more on other things while your aircraft registration takes care of itself.