Aircraft Registration

Getting Aircraft Registration and Hanging Onto It

Do you own your own plane? If so, the road to getting there was probably quite long and, at times, challenging. There was much studying and preparation involved in obtaining your aviation license. You had to take educational courses and log substantial hours in the cockpit with a qualified instructor. With your license in hand, you then had to navigate the process of purchasing an aircraft of your own. This meant perusing listings and negotiating with sellers before ultimately landing on the plane that was right for you. With the keys to your plane in hand, you are nearly ready to take off–you just need to check the validity of your aircraft registration

Just like you would not operate a boat or car without a proper government registration, the same principle can be applied to airplanes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is tasked with maintaining a registry of all aircraft in U.S. skies, and they insist on keeping accurate, up-to-date records. To make sure that you are operating your plane in accordance with federal law, you will want to gain a solid understanding of how to obtain and renew your airplane registration.

How to Get Your Aircraft Registration 

Before you head down to the hangar to take your new plane out for a spin, there will be some paperwork to take care of. You will want to complete a Form AC 8050-1 – Aircraft Registration Application with the FAA. This document will prompt you for some basic details about yourself, such as your name and address. You should also expect to provide the manufacturer, model, and serial number for your aircraft.

You will need to package your AC 8050-1 with a bill of sale as well. Serving as a receipt for the transaction of purchasing your plane, this document is used to confirm and establish ownership. Once issued, you will want to keep your registration on board your aircraft at all times.

Filing a Renewal for Your Registration

Once your registration has been issued to you by the FAA, you are officially cleared for takeoff. You should know, however, that this registration will need to be renewed from time to time. As changes can happen in your life, often prompting you to move, the FAA likes to remain fairly current on aircraft owners in the U.S. With this in mind, you will need to renew your registration once every three years. 

Six months ahead of your registration’s expiration date, you will receive a notice from the FAA with instructions on how to submit a renewal. This letter will also include a security code that will need to be entered on your renewal application. A second reminder will be sent out eight weeks before your registration is due.

Aircraft Registration

Submit Your Applications Online

Whether you need to apply for a registration or process a renewal, the National Aviation Center can help. We have easy-to-read online forms that you can use to submit your applications over the web. To learn more about our services, email or call one of our helpful customer service agents today.