the history of the international aircraft registry FAA Registry

The History of the International Aircraft Registry

Have you ever wondered how different countries handle flights, aircraft re-registration, and other regulations? If so, then we will explore the history and purposes of the International Flight Registry. You will find out why is it important and how it affects the FAA registry and other databases. If you’re not sure about a certain facet of the IAR, give us a call.

How did the International Aircraft Registry come to be?

The International Aircraft registry enables international flights and even medial actions such as a plane change of address. It’s based on International Law, a concept of rules created by Jeffrey Wool. Ever since its inception, International Law has given birth to the global nature of airlines and all aircraft.

To encourage international travel and increased traffic, International Law resulted in the IAR. It was created so that every country in the world could receive information about a plane. With it, your airplane registration and the inclusion in the FAA database take on a global format. But what makes the IAR function?

Global financing as an engine

At the foundation of the IAR lies the concept of global financing. With each country supporting the Registry, you can accomplish airplane registration in the US and still have the papers valid worldwide. Even if it’s an aircraft registration renewal, every country you fly into will know that your airplane is cleared for travel.

There are other benefits to the global financing of the International Aircraft Registry. Since not every country’s aviation market is strong enough, globally-supplied funds can be used for immediate and long-term aid. Startups can succeed because of this reason, as well as airlines that are having difficulties making ends meet.

the history of the international aircraft registry FAA Registry

The benefits of global financing for the IAR

Global financing also ensures that every single aviation organization must cooperate with other countries’ governing bodies. The International Aircraft Registry can also have law enforcement track down stolen planes or discover the whereabouts of a plane that housed a criminal.

Investors in airline companies and individual aircraft have also benefited from the IAR. If their investment doesn’t pay off, they can be assured that the IAR will oversee the return of their loan. For a proper flux of assets, the IAR is instrumental. For the legitimacy of such a system, one convention played a particularly important role.

The Cape Town convention

The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment took place in Cape Town, South Africa. For this reason, November 16, 2001 is an important day for international aviation. As of today, the number has grown from 20 to 77 countries signing the treaty proposed that day. To improve cooperation, they decided upon the creation of the International Aircraft Registry.

Tasks such as airplane registration are now carried out with ease, thanks to this well-organized international system.

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