Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate

The Details of an Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate Explained

As far as determining whether or not any sort of aircraft is qualified and ready to set flight, it will be very important for it to go through specific tests. The results of these tests will ultimately result in an aircraft airworthiness certificate that will certify the aircraft in question as air-ready. This approval process will be carried out by the Federal Aviation Administration or by delegated Organizational Designation Authorizations. If this process seems initially complicated, let’s take a closer look at what it looks like and what the application will entail.

Certification Process

In order to maintain safe flying conditions and efficient aircraft designs, the Federal Aviation Administration has set well-established aircraft certification processes. These are the components of such procedures.

  1. First, the Federal Aviation Administration will review proposed designs, as well as the methods that will be used to prove that the designs and the overall airplane complies with the FAA’s standards.
  2. Then, they will conduct certain ground and flight tests that aim to demonstrate that the aircraft does meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s standards.
  3. Having tested the airplane, the FAA will evaluate the aircraft to determine what the required maintenance and operational suitability will be in order to introduce the aircraft into service.
  4. Finally, the Federal Aviation Administration will work with other civil aviation authorities on their approval of the aircraft based on the work that was already done by the FAA throughout the rest of the process.

Standard Certificate

It’s important to know that there are two different kinds of airworthiness certificates granted by the FAA. The differences between them dictate the kind of aircraft that will receive them and what exactly their purpose is. A standard aircraft airworthiness certificate is the Federal Aviation Administration’s official authorization that allows for the operation of aircraft in these categories:

  • Normal
  • Utility
  • Acrobatic
  • Commuter
  • Transport
  • Manned free balloons
  • Special classes

Special Certificate

Meanwhile, the special aircraft airworthiness certificate will apply for aircraft that belong in one or more of the following categories:Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate

  • Primary (recreation and pleasure)
  • Restricted (Agricultural, Forest and wildlife conservation, Aerial surveying, Patrolling pipelines and power lines, Weather control, Aerial advertising, Other operations specified by the Administrator)
  • Multiple certificates
  • Limited
  • Light sport
  • Experimental (Research and development, Showing compliance with regulations, Crew training, Exhibition, Air racing, Market surveys, Operating amateur-built aircraft, Operating kit-built aircraft, Operating light-sport aircraft, Unmanned Aircraft Systems)
  • Special flight permits
  • Provisional

Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate

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