how to fill out an aircraft registration

The Definitive Guide on how to fill out an Aircraft Registration Form

There are quite a few forms on our site. Some of them are easy to fill out, some aren’t. Many people find filling out forms to be a simple activity, the kind of thing they can do while only somewhat paying attention. Others may struggle with it, even while they’re focused intently on the task at hand. We know that not everyone will have the time they may want to sit down with their online aviation forms, which is why we write blogs like these. This is our guide on how to fill out an aircraft registration form.

how to fill out an aircraft registration

How to fill out an Aircraft Registration Form, Step 1:

The first thing you should do is go to our site. There are multiple routes for how to fill out an aircraft registration form. You can go to our homepage, and then click on “initial registration” on the left-hand side. We know that for some of you, you may not be able to easily read the left side of the site, or perhaps your screen has that link partially covered. To make things even easier, you can find this by clicking on the word “initial” in blue in the center of the page. The link goes to the same place.

Step 2 and a Warning

These are official forms, used by the FAA, which is part of the government. We’ve made the forms very easy to fill out on our site, but these are still important government documents. So, you have to be as honest as possible. Obviously, you aren’t being “sworn in,” you don’t have your hand on the bible or something like that before you fill out the form, but you have to fill them out honestly. Indeed, step 2 of filling out this form is just reading the part that says “attention” at the top of the form. We put it there for a reason. As it says, “a false or dishonest answer to any questions in this application may be grounds for punishment by fine and/or imprisonment.”

Step 3: the Filling Out

There’s some leeway to this. If you accidentally misspell your name or mess up a number in your phone number or email, no one is going to take you to jail. That’s mainly there as a disclaimer and a warning; letting those who might try to defraud the FAA that they best not try it. If you’re just a regular person looking to fill out an application for their plane, you have quite literally nothing to worry about. You can type through all of the different forms, hitting tab as you go from one to the next.

We’ve Got Your Back

If you’re worried that your info isn’t 100% accurate, don’t be! Our document processors will look over all of your information, and show you how to fill out an aircraft registration form before it’s passed to the FAA so that it will be as accurate as possible. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 357-0893.