de registering faa aircraft registration

Safe Landing: De-registering FAA Aircraft Registration

For many pilots, on the day that you get your aircraft registered, it’s hard to ever believe that there could come a day when you decide to do the opposite. However, in many cases, de-registering FAA aircraft registration is the best thing to do for the pilot and the aircraft. That may sound a bit preposterous, but as changes in life occur, so too do aircraft changes. Below, we’ll go over how de-registering FAA aircraft registration works as well as how we can help to facilitate the process.

de-registering FAA aircraft registration

De-Registering FAA Aircraft Registration

One of the most popular reasons that anyone de-registers their aircraft is that they’ve sold it. This can definitely be one of the most positive reasons to do so. Instead of simply letting your aircraft sit there and not be used, you’re getting plenty of money for it. So, in that case, you’re going to want to fill out the “de-registration” form at our site, and then click on “the aircraft was sold to.” Then, look at how the form has changed. There’s plenty of info to fill out: the purchaser’s full name, their address, and more.

Destroyed or Scrapped

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, the best thing that can happen to you or your aircraft is that it’s destroyed or used for scrap. That might make you a few bucks, or it might just take the responsibility of the aircraft off of your hands. If that’s the case, then be sure to mark that on our form. Should you do that, then there is no additional information that you’ll have to fill in on our site. That’s all the info we (and the FAA) need.

Exported Aircraft

Sometimes, aircraft need to be de-registered not because they’re done flying, but because they’re done flying in the United States of America. When that’s the case, then these aircraft have been exported for good. Should that pertain to your aircraft, then the FAA wants it on record as to where the aircraft has been exported to. To make this easier on our customers, we’ve made it so that a handy box appears when you click “the aircraft was exported to” on our site. Just fill in the country. To be clear, none of these additional boxes to fill out (new owners, new country, etc.) require any extra financial contribution on your end.

Other Circumstances and Reserving the Number

There are plenty of more reasons to de-register your aircraft than what we’ve mentioned here. That’s why we have an “Other” button. Click on that, and then fill out exactly what’s caused you to want to de-register your aircraft. Of course, as this is an official government document with the FAA, you’re going to have to be specific. Some of our plane owners want to keep their N-Number tied to their name and address, for the next time they purchase a plane or for so many other reasons. If you have more questions about these or any other airplane documents, call us at (800) 357-0893.