aircraft re registration

Returning to the Sky: Aircraft Re-Registration

“Pilot” is one of those words that’s so much more than just a noun or a name, it’s an identity. When you’ve earned the right to be called a “pilot,” it means that you’ve gone through quite a lot. You’ve learned how to fly, you’ve proven that you can, and you may even have gotten a plane (as well as the accompanying registration). However, sometimes, despite folks’ best efforts, their airplane registration expires. That’s where aircraft re-registration can get you back up in the sky, legally, again.

aircraft re registration

The Importance of Aircraft Re-Registration

If your aircraft’s registration has expired, you can’t fly the plane. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. Sure, you could physically fly the plane (like, the engine won’t stop working or something like that) but it’s illegal. It can lead to so many more problems down the road. We strongly urge that you never do that. It’s always better to be legal, to work in accordance with the law, hence re-registration. When you go through the process of reinstating your aircraft registration, you can get back into the sky and stay there legally.

The Re-Registration Process

Even though the FAA sends notifications letting you know that your aircraft registration has expired, many of our customers are surprised when expiration occurs. It happens to more people than you might think. There’s no shame in going through the Re-Registration process. Indeed, it’s the only way to get back into the air legally. At our site, we’ve done everything we can to make the process as easy as possible. “Re-Registration” is on the left side of our home page, or you can find the word “Re-Registration” right in the middle of our page.

Re-Registration by Any Other Name

It’s important to note what “Aircraft Re-Registration” is as well as what it is not. For example, “Re-Registration” is not “renewal.” They are two entirely different things. To be clear, your aircraft registration is “renewed” when your aircraft is still legally registered. In this case, “legally registered” means “your registration hasn’t expired yet.” When your registration has expired, then you’re no longer legally registered. In that case, you can’t “renew” anymore. Instead, you have to go through the process of “Re-Registration.” To make matters more confusing, “Re-Registration” and “Reinstatement” are synonyms here. They mean the exact same thing. To “reinstate” is the same as to “re-register.”

Help When You Need It

We absolutely understand how the prior paragraph can be a bit confusing. For many of us, “paperwork” is far and away the worst part of owning a plane. Indeed, for all of the reasons you bought a plane, “paperwork” was probably nowhere near the top hundred. That’s why we’ve made all of the forms so easy to fill out at our site. Whether you need to be reinstated, change your address, renew, or basically any other function of aircraft documentation, you can take care of it at our site. Simply give us a call at (800) 357-0893 for more questions.