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How to Replace a Plane Certificate of Registration

When you first acquire your personal airplane, you will get a certificate of registration that comes from the FAA. This is an important document for you that you will need when you are flying. Like anyone else or anything else, you will find that mistakes and accidents happen. There may come a time where you find that you cannot locate your certificate, or the certificate becomes damaged, mutilated or destroyed by accident. Naturally, you will worry about what you are going to do. Especially if you are planning to use your aircraft soon and you do not have your certificate. Luckily, the FAA knows that problems occur, and they have a process in place so that you can replace a plane certificate of registration.

Information on Replacing a Plane Certificate of Registration

There is some information you will need to have handy so that you can fill out and file the appropriate form to get a replacement for your registration. You will need to know the N-Number of your plane, the aircraft manufacturer, the model designation, and the serial number. Without this information, you will not be able to apply for a replacement. You also need to supply the FAA with a reason why you need a replacement so you will have to explain if you have lost the document, or if it was damaged or destroyed in some way. Once you have all the proper information on your form, you can then submit it to the FAA and await approval so that they can send you a new certificate.

replace a plane certificate of registration

When You Need Registration Fast

The process to replace a plane certificate of registration can take some time, and you might fear that you will not have enough time to get your certificate back before you had planned to travel, causing you to delay or cancel your trip. There are ways that you can expedite the process to get things moving faster. You can pay extra for rush processing so that you get a response as quickly as possible. You may even be able to ask the FAA to fax you a temporary Certificate of Registration so that you are still able to use your plane until your permanent certificate arrives.

Help with Your Registration

Whether you need to replace a plane certificate of registration, need to re-register, want an abstract of title, or you need to file other documents with the FAA, here at the National Aviation Center we are here to help you. We are a private agency that handles processing that goes to the FAA, and we have everything you need easily accessible on our website so you can file forms at any time of day or night. We will get the information from you, put everything together and check it over, and then forward it on to the FAA for processing for you. We can also help you over the phone if you have questions about replacements or other processes, and you can call us at (800) 357-0893 from 9 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday so we can assist you.