Civil Aircraft Register

Registering, Updating, and Consulting the Civil Aircraft Register

In order to maintain a consistent record of the civil aircraft in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration requires that airplane owners register their aircraft with them. This gives way to the Civil Aircraft Register, the record of all the civilian airplanes owned and operated in the United States. Let’s take a look into how this registry works and how to join it if necessary.

Registering Your Aircraft

If you are a recent owner of a new aircraft, then you might not be familiar with the registration process. Similarly to how you have to register your car with the DMV in order to be able to drive it, you have to register your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration. The easiest way to do this will be by submitting the corresponding form, which we make readily accessible on our platform. All you will have to do is fill out the form with your contact information as the owner and the details about the aircraft, as well as provide proof of ownership in order to confirm your own standing. By submitting it through our website, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with delays or with returned applications.

Updating the Registry

Now, it’s important that your aircraft registration always reflects accurate information about the airplane itself and the owner’s standing in relation to it. This means that should any key details change at some point, you should go through the corresponding process to update the aircraft’s entry in the registry. Now, there are going to be specific forms in order to do this. If you’re moving homes, therefore necessitating a change in the address the plane is registered to, you will want to apply for a change of address with the Civil Aircraft Register. This will also apply when it comes to changes in ownership, such as removing or adding an owner.

Consulting the DatabaseCivil Aircraft Register

If what you are trying to do is check rather than join the Civil Aircraft Register, you will want to request an abstract. This can come in useful in a variety of different situations, such as cross-checking information about the aircraft during a purchase, verifying any claims or mortgages associated with it, or simply learning about previous owners’ standing. In order to request an abstract, all you need to do is submit the corresponding form, which you can find near the lower end of our sidebar. There is nothing more reliable than the information provided by the database.

Civil Aircraft Register

While filing forms related to the Civil Aircraft Register might seem complicated or annoying, you don’t have to worry too much, for we can actually take care of most of it. You can find most of the relevant forms here at the National Aviation Center, and submit them through our platform. We’ll make sure everything is in order before passing them along to the FAA. Should you need some additional help submitting the registration forms, don’t hesitate to use our website chat, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 1-800-357-0893 and we’ll answer your questions in no time.