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Quick Breakdown of the N Number Registration Process For Your Aircraft

Many prospective plane owners tend to have questions about their N number registration, trying to figure out how to get it before they are able to fly their aircraft. Here’s a quick breakdown of what this process looks like.

What Is an N Number?

Also commonly referred to as airplane tail numbers given their placement on the surface of the aircraft, an airplane’s N number serves as its identifying number going forward. This is, after all, a unique number assigned to a specific aircraft with the intention of making it easier for both the owner and the Federal Aviation Administration to keep track of any documentation related to the aircraft in question. Even if the aircraft changes owners at some point, all of its relevant registration will be filed under this one number, allowing for a comprehensive database of information to be created around it. In accordance with the FAA’s regulations, this number will also have to be displayed on the surface of the aircraft, making it quickly identifiable for aviation authorities.

N Number Registration

Now, in order for you to receive your N number, you will have to register your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration accordingly. This will involve the initial registration application, which is not much more than a form you have to submit along with proof of ownership. That proof will most often come in the form of a bill of sale. As for the form, you will simply have to submit it along with identifying information about the aircraft, as well as the intended registered owner. Once the application has been submitted, it will only be a brief matter of time before you receive your certificate of registration, as well as the N number that has now been assigned to your aircraft.

Consulting the FAA Database

This N number doesn’t just serve as decoration on your aircraft, or as the number you include on all your aircraft forms. It will also let you consult the Federal Aviation Administration’s database whenever necessary. If, for example, you need to cross-check information about previous ownership of the aircraft or a claim placed upon it at some point, all you have to do is request an abstract of title from the FAA. This will serve as a compilation of all relevant information pertaining to the aircraft since it was first registered with the FAA, providing you with a comprehensive documentation history. You will also find the form to request this abstract here on our website.

n number registration

Submit Aircraft Registration Forms

Submitting forms to government agencies always ends up being more complicated than it should be. Between all the requirements and the complicated forms, it’s surprising anyone ever gets any form processed promptly at all. Because of this, it’s important to find easy and convenient ways to fill out and submit forms that don’t involve dealing directly with the government. That is why we at the National Aviation Center make it easier for you to find and submit all your forms, including the ones for initial registration of your aircraft and requesting an abstract. Should you need any help, you can use our website chat, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 1-800-357-0893 and we’ll answer your questions in no time.