international registry aircraft requirements

Meet These International Registry Aircraft Requirements to Register Your Plane

In order to register any sort of foreign aircraft with the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration, you’ll need to meet the following international registry aircraft requirements. Don’t worry, this process is fairly straightforward, and all you will need are some pointers to properly take care of it.

International Registry Aircraft Requirements

Are you looking into registering a foreign airplane here in the United States? Well, the registration process itself is actually fairly easy, but you do need to pay some attention to the necessary requirements. Here you can find an outline of the international registry aircraft requirements that you need to keep in mind and what you can do in order to fulfill them. Once you’ve met the corresponding standards, you should be able to apply for registration with no issue and operate your aircraft accordingly. Let’s take a look at the guidelines.

Deletion of Foreign Registration

There’s something very important that you need to consider If your aircraft was previously registered with a foreign aviation authority. As part of the international registry aircraft requirements, you need to make sure that the aircraft has been deleted from any foreign registries, since an airplane can’t be simultaneously registered with the Federal AViation Administration and any of its counterparts abroad. Whatever document you receive as confirmation of the deletion should be part of your registration application in the United States.

Airworthiness Certificate

In order for any aircraft to be registered in the United States, but particularly foreign ones, you need to submit an airworthiness certificate. This is the document that certifies the aircraft in question is safe to fly, for the sake of the crew, the passengers, and the general public. You can usually receive this document from the manufacturer or from one of the many agencies that can take a look at the aircraft and confirm its safe status.

Registration With the Federal Aviation Administration

Now  that you meet all the international registry aircraft requirements, you can apply for registration with the Federal Aviation Administration. This will ensure that you receive the necessary certificate to base and operate your aircraft here in the United States. You can file for registration right here on our platform. Just head over to the initial registration form on our sidebar, fill out the information, and submit it to our document processors. Your certificate will be yours in a matter of weeks at most.

international registry aircraft requirements

Submitting FAA Forms and Applications

Filing aircraft documentation with the Federal Aviation Administration, like any kind of bureaucratic paperwork, can be kind of annoying to get through. Lucky for you, here at the National Aviation Center, we are always looking to make the experience a lot easier for you. Here on our platform, you will be able to find all the forms and applications that you might need as part of your documentation process. And, should you have any questions about any of the forms, you can always reach out to us with any questions through our contact page. You will soon be able to get all your registration documents in order without any trouble.