airworthiness definition

Learn About the Airworthiness Definition in Order to Get Your Certificate

Are you confused about the process to get your airworthiness certificate? Let’s go over the airworthiness definition to take care of this issue and get you started on your own process.

Understanding the Need for Airworthiness

According to American Aviation Regulations, “The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Aircraft Certification Service includes more than 1,300 engineers, scientists, inspectors, test pilots and other safety professionals. They are responsible for oversight of design, production, airworthiness certification, and continued airworthiness programs for nearly all U.S. civil aviation products: large and small airplanes, rotorcraft, engines, and propellers and foreign import products.” One can apply for a certificate either as an individual report or, where approved in conformity with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Organization, a consolidated fleet report. Allow us to expand further on the airworthiness definition.

Airworthiness Definition

So what exactly does the airworthiness definition entail? Well, whenever an application for a flight authority is made pursuant to the code outlined above, a minister will issue a certificate of airworthiness of an aircraft for which the design type has been certified by the minister and for which the certification is not in respect of a restricted category aircraft. Additionally, and this goes without saying, in order to receive the certificate the aircraft must conform to its certified type design and be safe for flight. This is not necessary if the owner reports that the aircraft is expected to remain out of service for one or more of the reporting periods for which an Annual Airworthiness Information Report would otherwise be required.

Getting Your Certificate of Airworthiness

The Federal Aviation Administration’s aircraft certification processes are well established, which is good since they have to consistently ensure that only safe aircraft designs are implemented. As part of any certification project, they conduct the following procedures:

  • A review of any proposed designs and the methods that will be used to show that these designs and the overall airplane comply with corresponding Federal Aviation Administration regulations;
  • Ground tests and flight tests to demonstrate that the airplane operates safely;
  • An evaluation of the airplane’s required maintenance and operational suitability for introduction of the airplane into service; and
  • Collaboration with other civil aviation authorities on their approval of the aircraft for import.

Once you go through these steps, you will be able to process your airworthiness certificate.

airworthiness definition

Filing For FAA Forms

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