Aircraft Registration Certificate Expiration

What to Do if Your Aircraft Registration Certificate Expiration Date is Coming Up

Is your aircraft registration certificate expiration date coming up? Let’s go over the process to file for renewal and, should your certificate expire, what you can do about that.

Aircraft Registration Certificate Expiration

It’s going to be very important that your aircraft registration, a key document if you want to fly your airplane, is always in order when operating. If it isn’t, your aircraft might be grounded or even charged for it. Because of this, it will be important to stay on top of the expiration date of your documentation. Now, determining the right moment to renew your registration can seem tricky, but it’s actually pretty simple. Sure, you don’t want to do it either too early or too late because you’ll risk your application getting denied or delayed beyond the aircraft registration certificate expiration date. Taking this into account, the best time to do this will be within three months of the expiration date and at least a month ahead.

How to Renew Your Registration

When this window of opportunity arrives, you can submit the corresponding form for renewal to the Federal Aviation Administration before the aircraft registration certificate expiration date arrives. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you count with the help of the National Aviation Center. Our platform is specifically designed to receive form submissions and send them directly to the FAA while making sure that there are no mistakes that might result in delays or complications. All you need to do is find the corresponding form here on our website and fill it out with the mandatory information. Then, you will be able to pay for the fee and submit it to the FAA for consideration and processing.

What if Your Registration Expired

So, if your aircraft registration certificate expiration date is coming up, you should probably renew it as soon as possible. However, if you do let it expire, then you won’t be able to go through the process to renew it as usual. Instead, you will end up having to go through the plane reregistration process, which isn’t that hard, but it will be slightly more extensive than the usual renewal process. If you would like to avoid having to go through this process (and save some money while you’re at it), then make sure you renew the registration before it actually expires. But, if you don’t make it to the renewal form, know that reregistration is an accessible option through our platform.

Aircraft Registration Certificate Expiration

Submit Registration Renewal Forms

Our team knows just how confusing and intimidating the Federal Aviation Administration applications for documentation can be, whether it is for initial registration, changes to the documentation, or any other process. Because of this, the National Aviation Center is ready to help guide you through whatever application you need to submit. You can conveniently find all forms here on our platform, as well as pointers on how to fill them out. Should you need help at any point, just write to us by way of our contact page and get your documentation in order in no time.