replace a plane certificate of registration

How to Replace a Plane Certificate of Registration

Just like when you own a car or a boat when you own an airplane, you are responsible for having accurate, current documentation that allows you to use the plane for travel. For an aircraft, this means you must register with the FAA and maintain the certificate with the aircraft. The process can sound simple enough; however, things happen over time, and you may find that you might lose or misplace your certificate. It could be that the document gets damaged somehow and is no longer readable or legible. Whatever the situation may be, you cannot operate the plane without having the document on board to present to officials if needed. Knowing what to do to replace a plane certificate of registration can save you from problems and potential fines.

Replace a Certificate with the FAA

To get your replacement, you will need to file an application with the FAA. The FAA maintains all the records and the registry and asking them for a new version of your certificate is what you must do. You will need to fill out the appropriate form and have supporting information to supply regarding the plane. You will need the N-number, serial number, the model of the plane, and the manufacturer of the craft as part of the application. You also must let the FAA know why you need to replace the document, pay the necessary fee for a replacement, and sign the form as the owner of the airplane. You can then submit the paperwork via mail for processing.

replace a plane certificate of registration

You Can Replace It Easier

There is a better way to replace a plane certificate of registration available. You can come to us at the National Aviation Center, and we can give you all the help you need. We provide the replacement application on our website so you can fill it out on your computer screen instead of printing out the form. Just type in your information, submit your fee over our safe and secure site, and we can take care of the rest for you. We will send your form to the FAA for you so that you know it gets to its destination without trouble.

Registration without a Fuss

Whether you need to replace a plane certificate of registration, apply for registration of a new plane, get an abstract, or file other paperwork with the FAA, we at the National Aviation Center are here to help you. We offer all the FAA documents you may need to file on our site, so you have access quickly. You can take care of paperwork whenever it is convenient for you and without worries about the safety of your data. Our experts work to make sure you get your certificate promptly so you can keep flying your airplane without fear. If you ever have any questions about a document, the process, or need help along the way, you can phone us at (800) 357-0893 Monday through Friday and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.