FAA Aircraft Registration

How to Process Your FAA Aircraft Registration At Our Site

Are you in the market to purchase your own airplane? If so, this is undoubtedly an exciting time. To finally achieve the freedom to take off whenever you want is often the culmination of a lifelong dream. If you have scoured the available listings, located a plane that is right for you, and made an offer that the seller has accepted, you are one step closer to leaving the runway. Before you can take to the skies, however, there are some practical matters that you will need to address with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Mainly, you will need to apply for an FAA aircraft registration.

Flying your own aircraft is a great privilege, but it also comes with great responsibility. The FAA, for their part, regulates U.S. skies to ensure the safety of all pilots and passengers. One such way they accomplish this is by maintaining an accurate registry of the planes operating in our airspace. By maintaining a current registration, you can be sure that you are flying your plane in a legally compliant manner.

How to Complete an FAA Aircraft Registration

When you purchase a new plane, it is compulsory that you complete what is called a Form AC 8050-1 with the FAA. This document, also called an Aircraft Registration Application, will provide you with an N-number, also called a tail number, which must be affixed to your aircraft in a prominent location. 

To complete this document, you will need to assemble some basic information about yourself and your aircraft. You should be prepared to provide your name, address, and signature. You should also have your plane’s manufacturer, model, and serial number. This information, along with proof of ownership such as a bill of sale, will allow you to register your aircraft.

Transferring or Updating a Registration

As airplanes can be expensive, it is not unusual for prospective aviators to purchase used aircrafts. When this is done, it is necessary to transfer the existing FAA registration. This is also done by completing a Form AC 8050-1, but an accompanying chain of ownership document should be included as well.

Since changes happen in life, and sometimes you have to move to a new address, there is a simple way to update the FAA on this matter. You will need to complete what is called a Form AC 8060-55 – Change of Address Notification. This form will prompt you for your previous address, your new location, and some additional information. Once completed, you can mail this document to the FAA for processing.

FAA Aircraft Registration

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While the FAA does allow you to submit paper copies of their forms via mail, that can quickly become a tedious and time-consuming process. By working with a private service such as ours at the National Aviation Center, you can quickly submit the applications you need with our streamlined web forms. To learn more about how we can help with your FAA documentation needs, visit our FAQ page, or contact us by phone or email today.