FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal

How to Process FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal Online

With summer nearly in full swing, it is time to get your airplane ready for takeoff. That means heading down to your hangar and properly cleaning your aircraft. You will also want to take care of any routine maintenance matters, like checking your fuel and oil. Of course, there are also safety items you will want to have ample supplies of on-board. One item you may forget to address, however, is your FAA aircraft registration renewal. Maintaining a current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registration is an important aspect to legally operating your airplane in U.S. skies, and allowing it to lapse can quickly become a headache.

The truth is, sometimes it is hard to find time in your schedule to complete bureaucratic matters through the mail. With so much of the day-to-day business we conduct taking place online these days, it is understandable that you would wonder whether or not this is possible with your registration renewal. Fortunately, the National Aviation Center makes it easy to complete your renewal online.

What is an FAA Aircraft Registration?

The Federal Aviation Administration is tasked with a considerably important task. They are charged with maintaining the safety of U.S. skies for pilots, passengers, and everyone on the ground. They accomplish this in a number of ways. As they issue pilot’s licenses, they ensure that a level of strict competency be required to fly a plane. They also design rules and regulations in order to manage air traffic and limit accidents. Vital to that process is maintaining an accurate registry of all planes in the U.S.

By completing a Form AC 8050-1–also called an Aircraft Registration Application–you entered your airplane into that registry. While this is of course required by law, it also benefits you in the long-term by helping to protect the skies. With your address on record, the FAA can also consult you about local laws or events that pertain to your geography. 

Your aircraft registration also grants you your tail number. This easily identifiable call sign distinguishes you from other aviators in the sky. You can even customize this number within a certain set of parameters by writing to the FAA’s office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal

When Do You Need to File a FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal?

Once your plane has been registered, you will need to file for a renewal every three years. The FAA, for their part, will send you reminders six months and eight weeks prior to your registration’s expiration date. In that notice will be a security code–you will want to have that on-hand when preparing a renewal.

If it is time for you to process your renewal, why not work with a private service such as ours at the National Aviation Center? We offer a simple, streamlined web form that you can use to complete your renewal in just minutes. You can also rest easy in knowing your personal information is in safe hands, as we utilize an SSL-encrypted web portal. If you would like to learn more, visit our FAQs page, or contact us by phone or email.