how to fill out aircraft registration form

How to Fill Out Aircraft Registration Form

Want to know how to fill out aircraft registration form documents? In this article, the National Aviation Center explains how. The document may seem self-explanatory, but there are elements that some people have to research. Sadly, the document comes with a whole lot of small print, which is a shame, but if you take your time to read it, you’ll notice that there is nothing too technical on there that would require the help of a legal professional.


How to Fill Out Aircraft Registration Form Documents

You are going to start with your N-Number, which is a number you may make up yourself. You will have to look at the guidelines on how to create an N-Number, and you may even pay a $10 fee to create a specialized N-Number. As you can imagine, the key is to use a number that has not already been used, but you can check your number with the FAA website inquiry tool to see if it has been taken already.


You now need to fill out your aircraft manufacturer and model, which is information you should have received when you bought your aircraft. Check over your original documents, otherwise you are going to have to do some research into your type of aircraft and where to find your model number. The same applies for your aircraft serial number, which should be in your original paperwork and may be written on your aircraft.

Registering Type and Personal Details

You now need to check one of nine boxes to state the type of registration you are undertaking. Unless you are an individual registering your own aircraft, you should probably do some checking to see which type of registration you need to take out.


You must then add the names of your applicants, which is easy if you are an owner (individual registration) or a co-owner because you write down your own name, and/or you write down the name of the other co-owner. The names on the application must match the names on your evidence of ownership. For example, if you wish to register yourself and your spouse, then your spouse also needs to be on the evidence of ownership documentation.

how to fill out aircraft registration form

Your Telephone Number and Mailing Address

Once you add these to your form, then you may receive a few spam calls and/or spam mail. This is because your information is now public record, and spammers are known for trawling the indexes to find new applicants. However, it is possible to have some of your information censored from the public. Official bodies may still see your information, but Jenny-Public and Spamming-Sarah will no longer be able to see your home address or your phone number.


Still, there is a period between signing up and censoring your information where your information will be on the Internet for all to see. After all, some of your information will still be present on the Internet even after it is being censored. For example, if you were hoping to censor your information so that your spouse’s divorce lawyers cannot find out that you have an airplane, then you are out of luck because you will still be findable (even if your address and phone number are not).


The Physical Address

You have already entered your home address and home telephone number, and one assumes that your evidence of ownership also contains your name and address. However, the next section in your registration form is about your aircraft’s physical address. It is a tricky proposition because if you own the area/building where your aircraft is located, and if you receive mail there, then this may be noted as the physical address. On the other hand, if you receive your mail in one house, but you live in another, then your physical address is the house you live in rather than your mailing address.


Certification and Verification

There is now a section where you need to declare what you are. You may declare that you are a full citizen of the USA, or maybe a resident alien with an alien registration. You may be a non-citizen corporation, or a corporation using a voting trust to qualify. Check the appropriate box to certify which you are, and then give any additional information if the form requests it.


You now need to read the rest of the small print because it tells you that you are signing and creating a legal document. You may then sign your name, type your name (or write it in capital letters), enter your title, and write the date. After you have signed your name, you may notice an additional sheet where it asks for more signatures and printed names. This is an additional sheet that is used when there is more than one owner. It shouldn’t be of any issue to yourself unless there are multiple owners, or you have a trickier registration type such as if you are registering as a corporation, limited liability company, and so forth. Now, double check your work, make sure you have filled out the document in full, and you may now send it off with any fees that are appropriate (usually a fee of $5 is applicable for people in the USA).